I have four sons my eldest is now 26 years old, I guarded my sons like a Penguin guard it’s eggs, I never acquiesce to the argument that mothers are more nurturing than men. I nurture my sons, I discipline my sons, the two are not mutually exclusive.


The Trayvon Martin cases commenced in  a Florida court-room today. I watched Tracey Martin use a piece of napkin to wipe tears from his eyes as prosecutors and defense attorneys talk about his son, neither men knew Trayvon, yet they will explain to an all white female jury, who Trayvon Martin was. Some women from the very pool have expressed the view that George Zimmerman the defendant who killed Martin should go home because he is innocent.

george-zimmerman One female juror referred to the peaceful demonstration of interested parties who demanded the arrest of Zimmerman as a riot.

Many argue women are kinder, gentler more considerate,  so much for that, I guess they weren’t around for Margaret Thatcher, they have never heard Michelle Bachman’s views, in essence race trumps gender.

Yet, despite all of this, Tracey Martin and Sabrina Fulton are forced to sit there and hope that the American criminal justice system will do the right thing, the very justice system which was unable to find a black man or woman , or a black judge to hear this case.

They will have to put their confidence in a system which did not arrest Zimmerman until there was national outcry and outrage. One of the greatest challenge facing young black men in America is their existential fight for survival. Interestingly the threat to their lives does not come from the Klu Kluk Klan as much any more, but from police officers who see them as suspects simply on the basis of being black.

It is an outrage, the recordings of George Zimmerman’s comments to the 911 dispatcher and what he muttered under his breadth, which the prosecutor outlined in opening arguments this morning, goes to a deeper mindset among police in literally ever corner of America regarding young black men.

There are many who will argue that one of the greatest threats to young black men are, young black men, they will hear no arguments from me on that. However people should not live in fear of police officers who are paid to protect them.

Zimmerman was a vigilante, he is a wannabe cop, like many who joined police departments all over America, he had  pre-conceived notions about certain people. Even as Tracey and  Sabrina are forced to sit and listen to lying defense lawyers try to demonize their son, we must recognize the mentality which caused them to be sitting in that court-room.

It is a mindset which sees young black men as suspects in their black skin.

IMG_0729 Sheriff’s Deputies pulled young man over he had slightly darker than usual tint. Observe one cop still in  the car , the kid had the driver side window down to speak to him , yet one cop is at the passenger side window demanding that he open that door, that amounts to a breach of this kids rights, it is an illegal search.


The young man is ordered out of his car and is leaning against the Patrol car with one cop talking to him , he is barely visible, his view of what’s going on is blocked by the cop speaking to him while the first cop is now at the driver’s side digging through his car



Here’s one cop talking to the young man now visible, while the other continues to rummage through his car without his consent.

IMG_0738 In the end what did they find? Nothing illegal, this whole episode happened in my view as I clicked away, my doing so probably saved him a whole lot of headache. As if the illegal search was not bad enough, they lost his Registration somewhere between the seats in the vehicle they drove, they simply shrugged and told him he will have to apply for another.

I saw him the next day he told me he called the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office and was told that his registration was lost between the  seats of the vehicle . They outlined what it would take to retrieve it, and told him curtly, they were not about to do that. Just one more case of racial profiling and egregious abuse by police officers when it comes to young men of color.

There are never any cries from Amnesty International, none from the Inter American commission for human rights about these every-day occurrences of abuse police visit on young African American and Latino daily.  They find themselves in countries like Jamaica where they grandstand and pontificate about Human Rights















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  1. What a great article? Thanks so much for your caring and paying attention and writing about these injustices.

    1. I will forever speak out against what I see as injustice, irrespective of who the aggressor is. Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it Manny.

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