How tired are you of hearing the phrase American-exceptionalism thrown around to deride other nations?
What is this exceptionalism you ask? After all, this term has been thrown around by Liberals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Conservatives like lying Ted Cruz and everyone in between.

So what is it?
The website [] a highly ranked site on Google seem to be the go-to authority on this question.
The site argues quote; “One doesn’t have to use the term to believe in the underlying concept. But the phrase has a history that helps us to understand the current hyperbolic use“.
Okay, I get that, but I never latch onto anything except when I am convinced of its authenticity, so I’m going to need more meat on these bones.

Well the site did give more and for those of you who are interested I will provide a link to that site right here
I needed a precise explanation something I can sink my teeth into and sure enough, here it is.

American exceptionalism the site argues; is not the same as saying the United States is “different” from other countries. It doesn’t just mean that the U.S. is “unique.” Countries, like people, are all different and unique, even if many share some underlying characteristics. Exceptionalism requires something far more: a belief that the U.S. follows a path of history different from the laws or norms that govern other countries.

That’s the essence of American exceptionalism: The U.S. is not just a bigger and more powerful country — but an exception. It is the bearer of freedom and liberty, and morally superior to something called “Europe.” Never mind the differences within Europe or the fact that “the world” is bigger than the U.S. and Europe. The “Europe” versus “America” dichotomy is the crucible in which American exceptionalist thinking formed.

Yup exceptionally horrific, this is what early voting looked like in LA county, the center of Democratic support in the state of California

Okay, so let me dissect this a little, starting with, “the exceptionalism of America is not a scenario in which America is compared to the rest of the world, just Europe”.
Strange, considering that America only has about five percent of the world’s population at about 325,000.000 and Europe hovers at  742,848,889.
Funny that Asia the worlds most populous continent weren’t even considered in this contest of exceptionalism.

Early voting lines in Miami Dade County, these excptional people do not seem to be waiting to cast a vote for Ron Desantis

What’s more, the identifying characteristics of this concept as far as the [] sees it is that it [America], is the bearer of freedom and liberty, and is morally superior to something called “Europe.”
I don’t know where to begin with this, the Europeans, for the most part, were largely also involved in the pogrom visited on the African peoples,
In fact, most European powers at the time carved out pieces of the African Continent for their own exploitation.
But Europe had its come to Jesus moment and realized that owning other human beings was not such a good idea long before America ever did.
In fact, it may be argued that many in America today are still unconvinced about the despicable inhumanity of that specter.
There is your exceptionalism, there is your moral superiority.

Exceptionally long lines in north Miami largely black and brown people waiting patiently to vote as polling sites run out of voting forms and machines break down. Exceptional indeed.

Any system which enslaves parts of its population, all while murdering, raping, beating and demoralizing them and appropriating their history, for hundreds of years designing laws which take their humanity and their dignity has some gall bragging about moral superiority.
The idea that even as there are still entrenched forces hell-bent on preventing others from voting,  and as long as they are hell-bent on dehumanizing them by having their [race soldiers] pose as police officers, and as long as they gun down the innocent and are not held accountable then any claim of moral superiority is  meritless braggadocio.

These people of color in Florida, forced to stand in long lines do not feel exceptional. There is nothing exceptional about this.

Exceptionalism is doing, not claiming that you are. If you have to say how exceptional you are, maybe you aren’t.
America is anything but exceptional, not just on the ridiculous claim of moral superiority, but on how it treats its own citizens, (mass incarceration Prison Industrial complex. Voter suppression. State-sanctioned killings. Persecuting immigrants, while Americans walk into any country and are treated with love and respect). 
There is no exceptionalism in any of that, no moral superiority.
Ask the people in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, American Samoa who have been colonized but are still unable to vote in American Presidential elections.
Colonization without representation.
Moral superiority?  
And don’t forget that all of the people living in these places are black and brown people.
Wonder why they aren’t allowed to vote?

One thought on “The Myth Of American Exceptionalism

  1. I do agree in “American Exceptionalist,” because we are the only country in the world that treats our citizens based on their hue and we are a people with no shame.

    They are so many things I can point out about the United States of America and why they are exceptional! A man can collude, conspires with a foreign adversary, stole an election and became president of the United States of America; then he kisses the enemy of America and people in his party go along with him.

    If one is aware of the history, they would have known that the U.S.A. doesn’t mean the United States Of America, but “U Suffer Alone!”

    Murderers built the country, and people whose consciences never work because they are frozen from the ice at the Caucus mountain in Europe and what we are seeing is Babylon is falling from within, and the standing that America long enjoy is of the past. All good things must come to an end!

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