There are some facts which are irrefutable , one such fact is that crime spirals out of control when the People’s National Party is in power. As to causation , I am aware there are various explanations depending on who you ask . For PNP supporters, that is as a result of the CIA, the Labor Party or both, destabilization, the tooth fairy or all the above.

Me ? I rather look at the facts and numbers . It bears remembering that for the last 4 decades the people’s National Party has had state control for 28 years. The question in synopsis then becomes  “Is Jamaica better off now, than it was 40 years ago”? As Ronald Reagan asked America prior to the 1980 General elections, that is the test, “Are you better off”?.

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With the exceptionof the brief respite between 1980-1988 when Seaga returned the country to a path of prosperity and lower crime and the 4 years under Golding and Holness, Jamaicans have selfishly and stupidly turned what was once the standard by which the Caribbean was judged to the pariah of the Caribbean.

Neither of the two political parties are without sin, the labor party after Hugh Shearer, departed from the platform of no tolerance to crime and corruption, literally making itself impossible to differentiate from the PNP. Of course when it comes to gutter politics the labor party could only play catch-up. The 181/2 year exile from state power is testament to that fact. The labor party was the party which offered people hope, not hand-outs. Educational opportunities through hard work , not crash program. Economic growth through low crime. Understanding of course that the biggest deterrent to growth is crime and corruption. Once the JLP decided to play ball on the PNP’s turf there was no reason to pick them for office, at best the labor party could only be PNP lite. Why buy lite when you can have the real thing.


So the PNP built 3 garrisons to every one the JLP had, notice I said had, not built. The JLP  could not build Garrisons without state power and state money.  The PNP had and did. So when we look at why the PNP is perpetually in control of state power, we need look no further than the homogoneus communities (garrisons) under their control. The winner of these homogenous constituencies are known before a single vote is cast. In most cases the raw vote far exceeds the amount of electors on the voters list. This is over-kill yes , but it is possible because of the iron-clad control parties have on the machinery in these communities.

The result is there are far fewer constituencies up for grabs, or where the election really matters. He who controls the state purse rules the day, check mate. The PNP has subsequently reduced Jamaica to a beggar nation , soaked and drenched in the blood of a people not smart enough, or too scared to extricate themselves from its cult-like tentacles. As the country’s situation gets more desperate they delude themselves that just over the horizon is salvation, the next oasis. Deluding themselves like a sun-stroke wanderer stumbling in the desert. Convinced that the mirage they see is an oasis on the horizon.


The country is not getting better, there are no jobs, no opportunities, crime and gang activity are on the rise. The leaders fatten themselves while the elites who live above Cross-Roads pretentiously and gratuitously revel in the beauty of the Empresses new clothes. Jamaica is not a developed country, it is not on a sustained path to first world status, merely saying I love Jamaica does not make a country successful, if that was so Jamaica would be rivaling Dubai. Jamaicans ,particularly the newly educated ones are the most pretentious Pharisees. They rather stand around and gleefully clap and cheer the Empress and her new clothes instead of recognizing that the path the country is on is unsustainable and can only lead to destruction.

This brings us to the crime situation which is literally draining the life blood from the country. The year 2010 the security Forces had most of the Gangs on the run after they routed Christopher Coke from his redoubt in Tivoli Gardens. Mercenaries who had come from far and wide irrespective of party affiliation to aid the don of dons, finally felt the power of the state’s  security agencies. This was the opportunity of a lifetime to cement the authority of the state in rooting out criminals and establishing once and for all, a zero tolerance for that kind of behavior.

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The  Commissioner of Police and the Chief of Defence staff of the JDF asked for an extension to solidify the gains they had made under the limited state of emergency the Golding Administration had asked for and was granted by the Governor General. To a man, every single member of the People’s National Party then in opposition voted no. I wrote then that no vote was the biggest betrayal any political party could visit on a country. http://chatt-a-box.com/mywpblog/?p=845.


Gang activity thrives in homogenous communities (Garrisons)the ruling Administration has developed a political network of garrisons which makes it almost assured state power. That is the reason the Neanderthal warrior Portia and her acolytes could not sign on to an extension of the limited state of emergency in 2010. Portia and the party she represents are relevant because of garrisons and all which comes with them. They cannot and will not be the soultion to Jamaica’s crime problem. They are the problem.




  1. Well written. However, the empress, the illiterate prime minister is one of the worst to hold such seat in Jamaica. There’s this blind contract signed on by people of these garrisons community and they are not allowed to think for themselves, because they are born PNP. As a young man who’s from a predominantly PNP garrison community. If you or your family denouncing the PNP and their policies openly, you are signing your death warrant.

    A majority of the people from the community where I am from, are superb illiterate. Their cognitive thinking isn’t developed properly, because their minds are corrode with nonsensical thinking. For example whenever I used the 80’s as the best years of Jamaica’s economic growth since independence. The first thing they used to attack my narrative, is that my grandmother and father is white and I don’t like poor black people and I am racist.

    I remember in 1986, my cousins and I walked from Concrete Jungle, through Jones Town, through Hannah Town to downtown Kingston. During our trip we weren’t stop by any members of these communities asking us where we are from? You could walk freely without being harass. It was the same thing in other communities in Jamaica, even in Portmore where my father live also.

    I remember the good times when your neighbors would be preparing their houses for the festive season, by painting their own homes. These tradition is not a part of the Jamaican culture because the people are suffering and cannot even find food.

    1. That is the country we knew and love , it is no more . They have some elitists who have an opinion on everythng, basically big fish in small ponds. They are the reason the country cannot dig itself out of this rut. they holler at every action taken to curb crime . I refer to them as Pharisees. It was PNP founder Norman Manley who said there can be no real victory without a few broken skulls. A wise American once said quote ” Every once in a while the tree of freedom must be watered with the blood of tyrants”.

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