According to the Jamaica Observer a young man who claimed to have been a member of an East Kingston Gang claimed to know where hundreds of people are buried near a river.http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Mass-Burial-Site-Claim_15872832


A stunning claim has been made by a former gang member in the eastern belt of the Jamaica capital, that men in the criminal underworld, often assisted by rogue policemen, have been killing people and burying their bodies in the vicinity of a sand mine. The practice, according to the man, has been going on for “whole heap a years”, and is carried out by individuals who are based between the East Kingston community of Rockfort, and the adjoining Harbour View in East Rural St Andrew. One section of the area in Harbour View called ‘Crusher’, which is said to be a burial ground for some of those executed by gangsters. (PHOTO: MICHAEL GORDON)

In light of these developments the much maligned, police department must move quickly to secure the area . The police cannot afford to ignore this story , they must elicit  help from relevant agencies to make sure that in the event there is any truth to this story each body exhumed may be properly identified.

It cannot be business as usual , whether this story is true or not , we don’t know, neither does the police hierarchy. As such the area should now be treated as an active crime scene. The Police high command did not act to expel dirty cops, they had time yet they did not. Now they have a indecom breathing down their asses. indecom does not investigate crime it investigates police, the police hierarchy created   indecom by default. They can save some face by actively investigating this and putting it to rest .On this one they have no choice they must move now.