The Raw Facts About The Republican Party’s Race Problem:

Tony Perkins President of the Family research Council and the entire length and breath of the Republican food chain has perfected the argument of ,  ” DEFEATING BARACK OBAMA AND RESTORING AMERICA TO IT’S FOUNDING PRINCIPLES” Let’s talk about the coded language being used in the election campaign, even as we celebrate the life of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Newt Gingrich

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As a blogger and a news hound, I watch Television,(well mostly listen) as I am always busy, I visit websites, listen to radio, and read blogs, all with a view of getting a feel for the essence of really what’s happening in the world,  and as much as possible be able to  free myself from the shackles of the packaged product that passes for news the major media houses feeds us, under the assumption that we are unable to figure things out for ourselves.

Cris Matthews host of MSNBC Hardball speaking  to the issue of racial code words on Andrea Mitchell Reports on Tuesday January 17th , Matthews said succinctly “it’s not something you can sensitize someone to, either you see it or you choose not to see it because you don’t want to” Matthews pointed to a couple of instance where it was done in previous election cycles and even though it was there , some argue that others who mentioned it were making much ado about nothing. So the question to you my readers is this , Is there a coded language that is being used by white candidates when they speak to certain sections of the voting public, usually all white audiences like the Lilly white audience in Myrtle Beach South Carolina?

Well let’s take a look, There is a common thread that runs through all in the republican party  when they refer to President Obama They call him ‘Barack Obama”     Now as Cris Matthews said, one can choose to ignore this and pretend that it is normal or one could see it for what it really is a means of de-legitimising the presidency of This president . This has caught on with even some in the  media who have delved, some of them unwittingly, into the Barack Obama new speak, without realizing that is exactly what those who are still fighting the civil war wants.  This is part of  a campaign aimed at de-legitimizing the president.


(1)Barack Obama:

(2)Food stamp President:

(3)The issue of the President’s birth certificate:   

(4) Election is for the soul of America:

(5) European socialist:

Opponents of this president speak about getting rid of Barack Obama and restoring America to it’s values, what values are they talking about ? Are they referring to the values on display in that crowd in South Carolina on Monday night? that shameful display shows once and for all a State that still couches it’s racial hatred in codes and raucous applause when Newt Gingrich stated that in New York a janitor could be fired and many kids hired to fill their space , he stated it would put money in their pockets.  Of course this neanderthal makes no reference to how these students would handle working and going to school, or maybe he doesn’t feel that poor minority children should go to school,maybe Gingrich is actually trying to create a permanent class of jantitors . Wasn’t that the reason blacks were executed if they were caught reading or learning to read during slavery?

What is instructive about Republican crowds is that they want a gay soldier to die because he did not have any insurance, they want prisoners on death row to be fried. The demeanor of the crowd in South Carolina was particularly telling when Juan Williams asked Gingrich whether he wasn’t seeking to belittle people, referencing the issue of Gingrich’s proposed policy of making minority kids janitors, he said first of all “Juan” then waited for applause from the ignorant racist crowd, before he proceeded into his diatribe about Barack Obama being the food stamp president. He used William’s name the way they used the name Barack Hussein Obama in a context that is intended to demean, telling their white supporters he is not one of us , he is “other”. That first part of the sentence ” first of all Juan”,( code speak)  then waiting for the applause from the crowd that says to him, “we get it , you put him in his place”

On the day that the nation celebrated the life and work of the greatest icon for social justice in many lifetimes Martin Luther King Jr. Republican candidate for president Newt Gingrich sought to demean and belittle black people by being openly hostile and dismissive of a black Journalist in the State of South Carolina. Despite this tragic affront and the continuation of it there are still blacks in this country who feel that they should be defenders of these repugnant vile creatures that parade as human beings who continue to spread this toxic brand of hatred. Republican strategist Ron Christie a black Republican who worked in former vice president’s Dick Cheney’s office characterized Gingrich’s vile behavior as quote “a clumsy attempt to explain something that is true”

Republican strategist and former Cheney deputy assistant Ron Christie:See blog titled black republicanism about how we feel about the Ron Christie’s of this world. 

Republican candidates for president are not restrained this cycle in using overt racism in their quest for political power, they want to get rid of this Democratic president, however they want to get rid of the black president much more.  They have been prepared from the inauguration of Barack Obama to use whatever tactics they see fit to remove Obama from office. This is not all they are using, it is just one tool in their tool kit of dirty tricks, to include, fraudulent arguments of  voter fraud in order to enact legislation  in several states that makes it difficult for minorities to vote . Santorum nailed  Mitt Romney on the question of  why people who have paid their debt to society should  not being allowed to vote, Romney stated he doesn’t believe that people who commit violent crimes should be allowed to vote, this got Romney thunderous applause from the Lilly white St Carolina crowd. Never mind that as Governor of Massachusetts Romney did nothing to stop people on parole from voting.

It is instructive that as we celebrated the birthday of Dr. King the Confederate flag still flies over the capital rotunda in South Carolina, and as the Confederate flag flies over the rotunda, A crowd of racist secessionists booed a black journalist as he simply sought to do his job.

Rather instructive about where the soul of this republican party really is, as if there was ever any doubt.


A woman congratulated Newt Gingrich at a campaign stop in St. Carolina today,here’s what she said “Speaker Gingrich I would like to congratulate you for putting mister Juan Williams in his place last night”the crowd erupted into thunderous applause while Gingrich basked in the glow and adulation from the crowd, after the applause died down Gingrich nodded his head and told the woman smilingly  “thank you, thank you.

Never once did he repudiate the language, never once did he repudiate the notion , never once did he say it was never his intention to put Williams in his place. Perry, Santorum, Paul, and Romney stood on that stage in South Carolina as Newt Gingrich demagogue black people, and dismissed a black Journalist to sustained and raucous laughter and applause, not one of them stopped Gingrich or objected to his vile and disrespectful brand of posturing, as such the nominee of this party should be held responsible for Gingrich’s actions.