The wave of white Nationalism washing over Western Europe and the United States require serious attention from all non-white people. It may be significant existentially for people of color caught up in its wake unless those who are in the way wake up to its reality.

Many people thought Britain’s exit from the European Union was a joke which would never happen. Many people thought a Donald Trump presidency was as improbable as hitting the Powerball.

Despite Emanuel Macron’s sweeping election win over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen last year, the New York Times opined,[The issues that Ms. Le Pen raised are not going away. She gained twice the support that her father did when he ran for president in 2002, cementing the far right’s hold on the French political landscape.]

Britain’s Nigel Farage, one of the key proponents of Brexit who fought for and won the vote know as Brexit which essentially will see Britain leaving the European Union.

Over the last two decades, the practice of mass deportation of people of color has become commonplace in the United States and in Britain for the smallest infractions and in many cases in situations, for offenses they did not even commit.
This kind of enforcement has its root in racism and are pushed only by far-right white ethnic groups in the United States and across Europe.

We must see these kinds of actions for what they are. The demagogic rhetoric is not rooted in facts, neither is it supported by data. Study after study has shown that immigrants commit far fewer crimes than native-born citizens.
Immigrants generally migrate in search of better economic opportunities.
In more severe cases they do so because their very lives depend on it. For those reasons, immigrants tend to be very good and responsible citizens who bring much dynamism and energy to the workforce.


France’s Jean-Marie Le Pen

The practice of removing people who have lived for decades because of minor infractions or because they thought they did not have to regularize their status must be seen as the [ethnic cleansing] it is.
This is evident in the so-called (Windrush Generation) who are now living with the specter of deportations in England even though they arrived in the United Kingdom as citizens of Britain, having arrived from the Caribbean before 1973.

In a recently released book titled (Fascism a Warning)  written by Madeline Albright, the US’s first female Secretary of State,  Amazon’s review said the following.
[The momentum toward democracy that swept the world when the Berlin Wall fell has gone into reverse.  The United States, which historically championed the free world, is led by a president who exacerbates division and heaps scorn on democratic institutions.  In many countries, economic, technological, and cultural factors are weakening the political center and empowering the extremes of right and left].

The tone set by the far-white[sic] is having disastrous consequences, not only for black and brown members of immigrant communities in the United States and parts of Europe but are manifesting itself in the way black citizens are treated by law enforcement, particularly in the United States.
The unlawful killing of Black people has existed for as long as the United States existed.
Shockingly, however, the police continue to kill people of color without due justification, or explanation even in instances where they are unarmed and the systems which ought to hold them accountable has twisted itself into pretzels trying to give justification for what every rational person know is murder.

Remembering Amadou Diallo and the thousands more who have lost their lives unnecessarily at the hands of those who are supposed to protect them.

In many cases, the sheer number of bullets fired by police at individuals defies logical reasoning and may only be construed or interpreted as total depraved indifference to human life.
The cops who savagely slaughtered Amadou Diallo fired at the unarmed man a reported forty-one times. Some of those who fired their weapons couldn’t even claim they were scared, they coined a totally fraudulent justification for discharging their weapons.
“Contagious firing” a new justification for [depraved indifference] entered the lexicon and it was off to the races.
Abner Louima, Sean Bell, Akai Gurley and countless other victims were to follow, with each killing and depraved assaults in which police were not held accountable the attacks on black men intensified with no clear end in sight.

The idea that cops can simply say they were in fear for their lives and are deemed justifiable in pumping dozens of bullets into an unarmed person is the highest degree of mental and moral depravity.
Even in situations in which a person may have a weapon it is incredibly difficult to justify firing bullets into an offender who has been neutralized.
Now imagine situations in which the police doesn’t even see a gun yet over and over they use the very same tired excuse that they thought the person had a gun.

Whats worse, armed white suspects are talked down and taken into custody without incident, unarmed black people who aren’t even criminal suspects are drilled full of bullets immediately the police arrives on scene.
Blacks caught with a weapon is almost assured that his sentence will be the death penalty, decided and carried out on the spot.
White killers who massacre large numbers of innocents are almost always arrested without a single round being fired at them and are treated with the greatest degree of deference and care.

The arrest of these two men would absolutely not have happened if they were white. The police certainly would not have been called.

Over half a century after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated the structural edifices of white supremacy still exist in America as it did when he lived.
I struggle to see a situation in which two white men of any age would have the police called on them because they sat in a Starbucks coffee shop and had not yet made a purchase.
Sitting in Starbucks and working on one’s computer, (free wi-fi), reading a book or simply chatting away is the Starbucks business model.
Yet two young black men sitting there like everyone else can find no sanctuary from racism, fascism and police excess, even in these inner sanctums of progressive coexistence.

Sandra Bland was a 28-year-old African American woman who was found hanged in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas, on July 13, 2015, three days after being arrested during a traffic stop.

In the early sixties while Dr. King lived the single greatest issue facing black people in America was police abuse ,today well over half a century later police abuse is the largest issue affecting black people and other people of color in America.
It is important to understand that police abuse has nothing to do with the quality of police services overall. Police service to other people with much less melanin in their skins is examplary.

In a riveting article written for the, Dr. Jason Johnson, professor, political analyst and public speaker. said the following in relation to a loud argument between a young white woman and her young African American boyfriend with whom she was feuding.
I’m gonna call the cops! I’ll tell them you hit me!” the woman screamed, sitting on the grass and pointing at her ex. “I’ll tell them you beat me up. They’ll get your ass.

Johnson described what followed this way:
The man stopped dead in his tracks, turned around and gave her a look of shock, anger and then unmitigated fear. He was black. She was white. He knew exactly what she was saying, and so did I, and most horrendously, so did she.
Johnson summed up the event this way ”
When white people threaten to call the police on black people—out of anger, out of spite, out of pure vindictiveness—they are effectively saying, “I’ll kill you!” They’re just using a legal extension of white supremacy to do it. It’s high time we start considering these bigots just as much a threat as the police that they summon to do their bidding“.

White Americans have no problem with police, when they call, -the police arrive in record time and their cares are attended to with precision type dispatch.
When blacks injured by whites call the police,-the police arrive and go to the white offender to hear what occurred despite the white person being the offender.
Black motorists who have their vehicles destroyed on the streets by white drives, particularly white women, tell horrific tales of how they are treated by white cops who use intimidating tactics, despite the fact that they are the aggrieved party.
The natural default posture of police, therefore, is that blacks are expressly incapable of being right, inherently incapable of being aggrieved.

Eric Garner age 43-year-old, just minutes before he was murdered by NYPD cop David Pantaleo for selling untaxed cigarettes on NY’s Staten Island.

This deep sense of implicit bias weaponizes black skin rendering black men and boys and even women and children suspects, (see Tamir Rice), purely on the basis of their skin color.
Police officers turn up to answer calls, demonstrably with no intention of de-escalating situations, for the most part, they show up aggressively not caring how they act.
Why should they care, seldom are police officers held accountable, regardless of what they do to black people, even when they kill unarmed citizens who posed no threat to themselves or anyone else?

The museum documents America’s painful and barbaric history of racial injustice and its legacy — from slavery to mass incarceration of African Americans.

In a tear-jerking Article written for CNN African-American journalist Nia-Malika Henderson in speaking about  — The National Memorial for Peace and Justice and The Legacy Museum: wrote.
The memorial captures the brutality and the scale of lynchings throughout the South, where more than 4,000 black men, women, and children, died at the hands of white mobs between 1877 and 1950″. “Most were in response to perceived infractions — walking behind a white woman, attempting to quit a job, reporting a crime or organizing sharecroppers”.

The tragedy did not end in the 1950’s as we are well aware untold numbers of black people have disappeared and were never heard from again, their only crime, daring to be alive.
The killings continued throughout the sixties and seventies with the full weight of the states behind jim crow laws, which manifested themselves in more lynchings, voter exclusion, voter suppression, eugenics, chain gangs, later transformed into the prison industrial complex, and other methods of racial suppression.

And so when we fast forward to the men arrested in a Philidelphia Starbucks coffee shop many people including African Americans fall victim to blaming Starbucks.
Starbucks the company has a far better record as a corporate citizen than many other companies, and so it is incredible mpopic for anyone, least of all African-Americans to suggest that Starbucks has a problem, which is, in essence, denying that American has a problem.


The white Starbucks manager who called the police on the two young African-American men absolutely would not even have noticed that two white men sitting in the same seats had not made a purchase.
The fact of the matter is that the only reason that a timeline was created in her mind is the skin color of the two men. As soon as they stepped into that coffee shop a time clock triggered in her head, that time clock was triggered based on a concept too many whites have, that black people do not belong.

Nevertheless, the fight African-Americans are waging is a fight which will land them in the very same predicament a hundred years from today. There is no power without economic power. A people which use its energies to fight with others to give them the freedom to spend their money without discrimination is bound to end up being discriminated against.


What will it take for African-Americans to understand that the strategy of fighting to get people to accept them into their organizations, businesses, institutions, and fraternities is a losing strategy?
There is more than enough evidence for us to conclude that despite not having to sit and wait in vain to be served at lunch counters, not a great deal has changed in the thinking of far too many in the white community.
Surely the answer is in building businesses of our own, establishing cooperatives, small start-ups, community banks, restaurants, Real estate agencies, coffee shops, tech startups, dress shops, media house etc, etc.

These images are incredible proof that what we see today has nothing to do with fear. These cowardly acts of hatred, depravity and subhuman antipathy are demonstrably carried over to present day.

The only business black people seem to get excited about are barber shops and hair salons. Which are two business dedicated to form rather than substance, what can be seen rather than whats inside? So they priss and preen and dress up then go to white-owned restaurants, white-owned hotels, and spend their monies purchasing goods and services in white-owned businesses, gets treated badly and the cycle continues. That hampster wheel has been a prescription for disaster and it will continue to be so until we change it.

As long as blacks continue to sidestep the seminal issue of self-empowerment through black financial retention, the disrespect meted out to blacks in other people’s businesses will remain on a continuum.
There seems to be little desire among black people to pool their resources and become financial controllers of their own lives.
Despite the continued reprehensible treatment meted out, black Americans continue to bleed their resources each year, to the tune of well over one trillion dollars.(Black Buying Power To Reach $1.3 Trillion By 2017 )

In the meantime blacks continue to make the lame arguments that they cannot get loans to do startups, arguing incorrectly that government is making loans available to Latinos who are creating startups at record pace.
Black intellectuals and journalists argue that the implicit biases we witness in the endless cycle of police killings and other abuses meted out to black people across America are fear based.

I disagree, I heard in that recording, that cop telling Alton Sterling, over and over that he was going to blow out his fucking brains, (then he did). Time after time police are caught on video and audio recordings telling blacks, “I’m going to fucking kill you” then they kill the person.
That is not fear it is hatred.
Not only is it hatred, these encounters are unequivocal instances of modern-day lynchings carried out by tax-payer funded agents of the states. They are unmitigated instances of state murder in which the intent to kill is manifestly expressed.

Police officers are the first judge of facts when they are called to a situation. Real officers turn up with the intention to resolve issues amicably.
The officers who showed up at the Starbucks in Philadelphia had an opportunity to serve the community, they ended up serving their own racist agendas.

As a police officer, you enter the coffee shop and engage the person who called the police. Clearly, after having a conversation with the manager (who was the complainant in this instance), real officers would intimate to the complainant that unless the persons were being disruptive there was no offense.
As the owner of two private businesses, I do have the right to ask someone to leave if the person is being disruptive, or if the person is trespassing.
However, the trespass cannot be confined to only people of a certain pigmentation.

Real police officers would have approached the two young men and spoken to them respectfully, upon which they would have been told that they were awaiting a friend. [which is what people do at coffee shops, including Starbucks].
Real police officers would have walked away when the friend of the two men arrived. They did not walk away because they saw an opportunity to be tough guys, lots of them, two unarmed men.

Instead of defusing the non-situation they took up aggressive positions around the two men in a semi-circle. That aggression including moving chairs and tables with the full intention of showing who was boss.
None of which was necessary if they believed they had a responsibility to be deferential and respectful to the two men.
The sole defining characteristic which predetermined the cops response was the color of the men’s skin.

In England, Spain, France, Russia, Denmark. Norway, The Netherlands and all across Europe and the United States we are witnessing a rise in what can only be acknowledged as Fascist attacks on people of color.
During the presidency of Barack Obama (America’s first black president), there was a proliferation of hate groups unseen in the United States prior.
President Obama as the first African-American to hold the office of president received more death threats than any other President in history.
Those threats and the rise of the white hate groups had nothing to do with fear and everything to do with hatred.
These groups are heavily armed, hate-filled, they train as armies do and they are not afraid to challenge the Government under the force of arms as they did in the Bundy standoff.
Despite this clear and present danger, the Federal Beaurea of Investigations (FBI) spent its time and resources investigating and preparing warnings on so-called “Black Identity Extremists.”


According to ( The troubling report cited numerous instances of violent extremism, pinning them on the current wave of Black Lives Matter demonstrations and allowing law enforcement to pursue aggressive surveillance and investigations into individuals they believe may one day pose a threat.
Instead of dealing with the threats posed by the heavily armed, well-trained Militias with violent intent, the FBI is more concerned about unarmed people demonstrating to be treated with dignity and respect.

Politico magazine reported that violent hate groups are now acting as a “third force”—as a buffer, in theory, between far-right agitators and their opponents.
Indeed, during these first months of Trump’s presidency, these loose-knit organizations making up America’s militia movement are losing their anti-government ideological purity as they grow increasingly close with a segment of the right wing from which many in the recent past had generally kept their distance. Their presence as a private security force for an increasingly public coalition of white nationalist factions—Ku Klux Klan followers, neo-Nazis and “alt-right” supporters—has transformed a movement that has already demonstrated a willingness to threaten violence.

All in all, this frightening system of aggression we are witnessing can be turned back but it requires vigilance, militancy and a sense of awokeness[sic] from those who are threatened by aggression, their only crime being their skin color.
These are not problems which crop up like some non-man made disease, they are artificial problems created by people who make conscious decisions to adopt a posture that they somehow have more right to this planet than others do.

This aggression must be countered using education, self-awareness, social interaction, financial empowerment, voting, and a raft of other tools.
Those who would continue to take advantage of the ignorance and docility of others will not cease to push the envelope until the ignorant and docile say no more.
This is an exestential crisis which requires all hands on deck.