Listening to Peter Bunting and Jamaica’s would be Prime Minister Peter Phillips, I was convinced that the serious and never ending state of murder on the Island is not about to get better anytime soon.

The Island’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness has questions to answer on the galloping murder rate .
Despite this, he has been ominously silent on the continued blood letting.
Holness, in campaign mode, did promise that Jamaicans would be able to sleep with their doors open if his party was elected to replace the PNP.
In fairness to him ,the former Prime Minister Portia Simpson  Miller never seemed to care about the murder statistics either , she never bothered to speak about them.

Peter Bunting  is a man I am not opposed to.
Of the bunch of  silly little ideological demagogues running around with clenched fists  dressed in orange clothing ,and played out beret’s , he seem to be one of the more sane practitioners.

However listening to Peter Bunting it would be hard to imagine that just over a year ago he had the portfolio for national security.
I recall it wasn’t too long ago that then minister Bunting , in utter exasperation was calling for divine intervention to the nation’s murder and terrorism statistics.

In the first instance Minister Bunting said his Party had stabilized the murder  numbers around the 1100 mark, give or take  10 %.
In the strange press conference , in which  Peter  Phillips kept butting in as Bunting addressed the issue, Phillips went on to make an even greater ass of himself  by remarking that what is needed is not a legislative agenda which is designed to divert attention from the fact that there is no plan.

The fact of the matter is that there needs to be a vigorous legislative agenda with laws emanating which puts murderers in prison and keep them there for the rest of their lives.

The following is a press conference given by the PNP  shadow minister of national security Peter Bunting of the  opposition People’s National Party,(PNP) along with leader of the PNP Dr Peter Phillips .


Gov't Dead Quiet on Crime

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Posted by Peter Bunting, MP on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bunting rattled off statistics which he said indicated that the number of murders, 137 in the month of May was not seen after the entry of the security forces in the Garrison of Tivoli Gardens.
This is critically important information which needs to be  expounded upon with clarity .
Peter Phillips , and the PNP and I daresay the Jamaican Labor Party Government still believe that the way to deal with crime is to soft pedal on crime.

The idea as far as they are concerned, is to beg, cajole, and throw money at crime .
Phillips stated that the idea is to elicit opinions from the UWI, PMI, PSOJ, and others .
The fact of the matter is that it was actors from these very same institutions that has gotten the country into this mess to begin with.
It was these very far left liberal voices which told the country that the country must concentrate on human rights of criminals.
INDECOM was born out of advocacy from JFJ, FAST, the Bar Ass, The  Inter American Commission on Human Rights and the plethora of  so called advocacy groups which militates on behalf of criminals while ordinary law abiding Jamaicans are left to fend for themselves.

Murders and other violent crimes  did not go down because  of someone waving a magic wand.
They went down because the security forces put their boots on the necks of criminals, Period.
Not because of a nonsensical strategy cooked up in the intellectual ghetto , not because of anything the criminal lawyers came up with , not because of the noise from the eat a food criminal rights crowd that Phillips is subscribing to.
Murders went down because criminals caught a case of the shakes.
When murderous gangsters know that certain police officers are coming after them they law low , real low.

Andrew Holness, PM




That’s what is missing from the equation in Jamaica today .
Jamaica got way too bourgeoisie , .
No one gave a rats ass about what law enforcement felt , they listened to the people up at the University of the West Indies and their other cliques on how crime should be addressed ,.
They converged in their silly little circles where they convinced themselves that their idiocy were actually good policy.
Peter Phillips wants to double down on stupid.

The shit has now hit the fan and it’s only going to get much worse .
They had tough , hard working cops and they sabotaged them . many walked away , the others retired early.
The JCF is a huge paper tiger with no teeth.
Hold onto your seats …