Writer’s block a few friends asked me?
Nah, I replied!
There is just so much going on that a sense of numbness has come over me. Not numbness which is equivalent to a surrender, just a kind of, “where do we begin in all of this“?


Is that what was intended by the daily barrage of really bad stuff which just seems to come at us incessantly, is it part of a long game or is it just the result of a deranged, imbecilic, lunatic?
Is it hard to tell right?
Political leaders come and go, some are well-intentioned, others not so much. Nevertheless, there has always been a kind of consensus that each and every person who steps forward to offer him or herself for service has some sort of appeal and may produce some degree of good to some people depending on who you ask?


Who is served by rolling back environmental standards which govern mass pollution of the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food we eat?
Is anyone that dense to is Obama derangement syndrome that real that anyone in their right mind would be blind to this?
After we destroy the planet and stack up zeroes on the balance sheets, what then?
Is this what the space force is all about?


Why lie to low information people that there is something called clean-cole?
I mean, who is stupid enough to believe there is actually something called clean cole anyway? Who is daft to the extent that they believe coal is coming back?

Coal production up in southern West Virginia, down nationwidehttp://www.register-herald.com/news/coal-production-up-in-southern-west-virginia-down-nationwide/article_65267f8f-d6a2-5cd4-b722-d5cc4450340e.html

Donal Trump will be in Charleston, West Virginia, for a political rally on Tuesday to tout his administration’s proposal to give states the right to set their own emissions standards for coal-fueled power plants.
This is essentially a rollback of President Obama’s efforts to combat climate change.
Additionally, the EPA the agency tasked with protecting the environment, on Tuesday formally unveiled the details of its new plan to devolve regulation of coal-fired power plants back to the states, one that is expected to give a boost to the coal industry and increase carbon emissions nationwide.


According to the website (https://qz.com/1191785/even-coal-country-knows-trump-cant-save-it/)

Promising to bring coal jobs back and repealing environmental regulations at the national level is only harmful to these communities, because it gives them a sense of false hope and it would set them back,” said Sanya Carley, a professor of energy policy at Indiana University and lead author of a new study that examines how Appalachians are coping with coal’s decline.

SOURCE: PLAZAK Coal mining jobs.
One would imagine that the people who have stakes in mega-corporations would be clear-eyed about this little planet on which we all have to live.
I have long stopped asking “just how much  money is enough“, instead I have concluded instead, that the amoral rapaciousness of the mega-rich is well represented in the present occupant of the white house.
That greed will have devastating consequences for our planet, even if the harm was to end today. In the meantime, the rest of us will have to suffer the consequences as the sloven gluttons gouge themselves at the trough at our expense.