There is much angst in America across many Immigrant communities at the recent travel ban imposed by the tRUMP administration.
Even as as I use the term immigrant, to define the communities unnerved by  the executive action, it becomes less clear as to what actually constitutes immigrant within that context . This as people with valid visas and green cards and we are told even US citizens are being turned away from entering and re-entering  the country.

The roll-out of the executive order are at this moment for seven countries. They are Libya, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Sudan Yemen and Somalia.
However many expect that this roll-out is a trial balloon, floated by senior tRUMP adviser Steven Bannon the Alt right white Nationalist who now sits on the National security council, and is reported to be his most trusted advisor.

To support this claim that this is just the beginning the La Times reported that tRUMP’s top advisors and  chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior advisor Stephen Miller, see themselves as launching a radical experiment to fundamentally transform how the U.S. decides who is allowed into the country and to block a generation of people who, in their view, won’t assimilate into American society.

Finally finding it’s voice on things outside bullying small nations, Human Rights Group Amnesty International issued an urgent call for Britain to do more to fight the policy, which effectively bans citizens from three African and four Middle Eastern countries from entering the US. It was accompanied by a 120-day suspension of all US refugee programmes.

Euronews says tRUMPS travel ban has crushed lives but it’s just the beginning. says Donald Trump’s travel ban fundamentally changes American history.
Only time will tell if Trump’s travel ban comes to be regarded in the same light as the Alien and Sedition Acts signed into law by President John Adams in the late 18th century, which made it easier to deport foreigners and imposed restrictions on new immigrants.
Other historic parallels could include the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and the witch hunts by Senator Joseph McCarthy against alleged communists in politics and the arts in the 1950s. cnn said.

As the storm cloud gathers the main stream media engages in a circle of stupidity over whether the executive order constitutes a ban.
Sean Spicer the white house press secretary said the action is not a ban even though he himself said it was a Muslim ban previously.
But Spicer is not important , tRUMP himself said it was a travel ban .
So lets see whether it is a ban!
People from the 7 countries named will not be allowed to enter the United States for at least 90 days , even though they have green cards or valid visas .
If they cannot come in, is that a ban or not ? If the Syrians are stopped indefinitely ,is it or is it not a ban , you decide?

USA today said “The chilling effect is just enormous”, ‘World is going to start closing the door.
Despite the outrage , it must be acknowledged that dONALD tRUMP is doing exactly what he said he was going to do .
For almost two years he campaigned on these very same policies.
He promised to do exactly what he is doing if elected to the white house.
Interesting times are ahead, reports indicate that there are new executive orders in the draft stages being circulated in the white house which will target immigrants with green cards right here in the United States.

Those who sat on the sidelines and pretended that this was a joke must now agree that the joke is on them.
Those who for one moment believed that this presidency would be about anything but what tRUMP campaigned on is in for a rude awakening.
Sure today the Muslims feel what it feels like to be black.
We saw women turn up in numbers across the country after the inauguration to protest , but where were they before the elections?
The likelihood that more and more groups will be affected by this presidency in real ways is almost guaranteed.
Tragic though this is it may indeed be the turning point which finally once and for all turns this ugly putrid racism in this country on it’s head.
The more people who come together to say “no” the more likely it is that discrimination will finally be a thing of the past.