It’s the silly season in Jamaica. Once again Jamaicans allow themselves to be whipped into a frenzy in support of one of the two political gangs that take turns ruining …. I mean running Jamaica. This happens every four or five years despite protestations from many that they do not see neither the winners or losers in their communities after the elections untill the next cycle comes around. So the stories have started coming in about the stoning of busses filled with people on their way home from a meeting held in Mandeville Manchester called to announce the date of the elections. There are also reports of one man being shot and killed after that same meeting, I mean, seriously people?

Portia and comrades having a good time
Portia and comrades having a good time

The Jamaican Dollar fluctuates somewhere between 83-85 to one US$ this means the dollar is really worthless, even in Jamaica traders and peddlers ask for US dollar in payment for goods and services, inflation has driven the price of food and other consumer goods through the roof, crime corruption and terror are rampant.These are just some of the issues plaguing our once beautiful paradise. Many argue they don’t care what’s going on Jamaica is nice, and I concur of course our country the beautiful land of wood and water is just as beautiful, if of course one chooses to ignore the fact that too many of our trees has been cut down so we have smaller rivers and streams as a result of less rainfall when compared to three decades ago , but I digress.

It is not the country it’s always the people.

The Observer Editorial of today Tuesday December 20th praises RJR for not airing the JLP’s advertisement showing Portia Simpson Miller ranting and raving about not being afraid of  quote “no bwoy, nu gal, nowhere” .

RJR right to suspend Portia tracing

The people will judge Mrs Simpson Miller as to her character, as they did in 2007. The JLP needs to have a little more faith in the good sense of the Jamaican voter.Read more:

In his Editorial the writer went to pains to try to absolve Portia of responsibility for the words coming from her very lips.

These comments were not untrue quotes assigned to her maliciously, they were not doctored and damn sure are not incorrect , yet this opinion shaper went to lengths to convince voters that quote ” The people will judge Mrs Simpson Miller as to her character, as they did in 2007. The JLP needs to have a little more faith in the good sense of the Jamaican voter. What a load of crock the actions of children from as far back as grade school now forms part of that child’s permanent record, it determines what high school or college that child is accepted into , it determines what that child will be when he/she grows up , yet somehow the words and actions of Portia Simpson should be ignored and covered up. Portia Simpson Miller has allowed the ghetto to shape her as much as anything else, as a young detective I observed her in front of the Whitehall Avenue school roll and bawl in the middle of the streets because her red bandanna wearing thugs were not allowed to steal ballot boxes from the school, never mind that her constituency is bordering Spanish Town Road, and White Hall Avenue is in Saint Andrew North. Whatever we do in life follows us for the rest of our lives Simpson Miller is no exception. Gary Allen and others are nothing more than little Gods in their little ponds in Jamaica , small fish in their little holes making decisions of what people are allowed to hear and what they aren’t allowed to hear , fortunately there are choices now , people do not have to listen to RJR now do they?