This is what’s happening in Lancaster county Pennsylvania, while in Maryland a white mass shooter killed five people yesterday and was taken into custody without a shot fired.
He was not assaulted or tased, they simply took him into custody without incident.

The FBI has long warned that police departments all across America are being infiltrated by neo-nazis and white supremacists. As far as we know nothing has been done about it. In fact, it appears that prosecutors and the courts have gone out of their way to both avoid charging these murderous fascists for the crimes they commit, or convict them on the rare occasion that they have murdered maimed and seriously assaulted people of color.

Despite these warnings, the FBI itself has gone out of its way to report on a fictitious strawman which exists only in their minds.
Black identity extremists”  a term coined by the FBI to legitimize law-enforcement attack on Black people whom it says are likely to attack law enforcement officers.

Not only is there no such group, all attacks against police are by white shooters. All of the mass shootings being carried out in schools and other workplaces across the country are being done by white terrorists not people of color.
This kind of escalation, in order to abuse citizens through the use of unwarranted force. It is a direct result of what Donald Trump told them to do.

NYPD murderous cop Daniel Pantaleo

This is not happening in the abstract, it is happening right here in New York State. Eric Garner was baited and harassed simply for selling loose cigarettes before he was murdered by NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo on Staten Island.
The then district Attorney destroyed the case by having a corrupt and fraudulent grand jury decide that the murderous Pantaleo would face no charges despite what we all saw with our own eyes, murder in real time.
The district Attorney Dan Donovan is now a member of Congress, Pantaleo has not faced justice and Eric Garner is still dead.