As we credibly reported two weeks ago, Commissioner of Police George Quallo will, in fact, be stepping aside in a matter of days.
At the time of our reporting that was indeed what we reported, that he would not be cleaning out his desk the very day he met with National Security Minister Robert Montague, but his future was already decided for him.

Commissioner Quallo could have added some degree of credibility to his name and show just a wee bit of balls as he was heading out the door by telling the nation that he was indeed asked to look at his options, which really meant you are fired.
Of course, the Minister does not have the Constitutional authority to fire the Police Commissioner but he certainly has the power to convey to the Police Services Commission that the Government has lost confidence in Mister Quallo’s leadership.
So there’s that.

The nation’s murder rate is galloping away and the Administration is panicking.
I say that with a heavy heart because I was really banking on the longshot possibility that Andrew Holness would be a transformational Prime Minister who understood what is needed to set our country on the right path.

Commissioner George Quallo

Yet I heard the Prime Minister tell citizens in Montego Bay during the flood of police officers and Soldiers into their communities that he had promised them that they would sleep with their windows and doors open and now they can. Of course, it was only so because the entire community was flooded with members of the security forces.
The fact that the Prime Minister would be so transparently cynical on such a serious issue disqualifies him substantively as part of the solution.
It makes a mockery of his Administration’s assertions that it fully understands what needs to be done about crime in our country.

What is obvious is that the Administration has made the decision to make the police force the scapegoat as others had done before him.
I don’t think there are many people who harbor any preconceived notions that Holness has any love for, or loyalty to, the Police officers who risk their lives to secure the nation as well as to protect him and his family.

So it’s really not outside the realm of anyone’s imagination that he would throw Commissioner Quallo to the Wolves and have a lackey like Clifford Blake or any other lap dog which will give the Administration cover on crime.
The fact of the matter is that the Administration talks a good game about crime but its policies are antithetical to solving the nations serious and deteriorating murder situation.

The exit of Commissioner Quallo is a distraction designed to focus the nation on the police and whoever emerges next. Naturally, the next person to take the job will require a bit of time to demonstrate what he/she can do, that’s time for the Administration.
I want to make it clear that my criticism of the Administration should never be construed to be support for the Opposition party, which I believe should be banned from representational politics on the Island. I hope that – that clarifies my disdain for that political party as a legitimate entity in this debate in which we are engaged.

The problem affecting our country as it relates to crime is not a Police Problem, it is a policy problem.
The Government and the Despicable criminal supporting Political Opposition have essentially prostituted themselves to outside Criminal Rights lobby so much so that before they address the massive bloodshed in the country they have to pay homage and recite their deference to human rights.
I challenge the Administration to buck the puppeteers abroad and submit the name of former Assistant Commissioner of Police Keith Trinity Gardiner to the PSC to be the next Commissioner of police.
I fully understand that his appointment will not stop the bloodshed but it will at least guarantee that at the very least there is an actual crime fighter at the helm who understands what to do.

Former Assistant Commissioner of Police Keith Trinity Gardner

Developed Nations do not cater to, neither do the allow human rights lobby to influence, much less dictate crime-fighting strategies.
Developing Nations wishing to extricate themselves from the crippling tentacles of crime and terrorism do not allow human rights lobby to dictate to them on the ways to deal with their terrorists, a-la Colombia, Mexico, The Philippines, Cuba, et al.

Pretentious countries like Jamaica will always be mired in the quicksand of failed state status, while it convinces itself it is emerging toward first world status.
The best and the brightest, are running away. Those who lack the means to do so along with the most enterprising and innovative are being killed in alarming numbers.
In the meantime, the Administration continues to arrange the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic. While the despicable political Opposition sits there salivating, awaiting the total submergence of the government so it can present its own leaky old bucket as a solution.
And on and on we go like a dog chasing its tail.


2 thoughts on “This Publication Endorses, And Challenges The Govt To Appoint Trinity ) Next Commissioner Of Police…

  1. We have to fight fire with fire and we need a cop who knows what street life is like : Good choice if Trinity or Reneto Adams take over this sinking titanic which is going down faster and faster.

  2. With the IMF telling us we have to get rid of crime why dont they equip our police with proper fighting tools, computerise our force and proper equip them not with guns but with cars and proper pay. We building billion dollar highways and our officers dont even have a compter to log a case, its 2018 and we are still in the dark.
    Our tax rate is maybe the highest in the world, why cant we take 3 months of taxes collected and secure our country?

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