Residents of the Mountain View community of East Kingston were left stunned after a near similar event as the one on Waltham Park Road yesterday, in which a Corrections officer killed his estranged wife and then himself, played out in their community.

According to the police, a man known only as “Suddy” used a rock to bludgeon his common-law wife’s head, believing she was dead he then hung himself.
Neighbors told police the couple was quiet people who were not a bother to anyone. They expressed shock that the deceased could have carried out such an act.
On the arrival of the police, the elderly woman was found lying in a pool of blood but still alive.
She was rushed to the hospital where she is in serious to critical condition.

Neighbors told police the man did not hear or see very well and would sometimes walk into light-posts.
They allege that the woman moved out of a house they shared and he would visit her where she stayed occasionally to help with household chores and provide financial support to her. According to neighbors, he could be heard yelling before the incident,” after 19 years yu nuh want me”?
She reportedly had planned on leaving him.