10157395_1572990949592991_422432309709859427_nWednesday May 14th my wife Cheryl and I would have driven up to SUNY Plattsburg to bring our son Kodi home for his summer break. It’s a trip either one of us could have taken solo, notwithstanding, we are not that type of couple , no matter what, we would have done so together. Poughkeepsie to Plattsburg is roughly four and a half hours drive. Parents with kid/s in College understand they have to bring all their stuff home, then haul everything back at the end of the break.

This Summer would have been extra-special. our penultimate son AJ, is getting ready  to start attending Wesleyan College in Connecticut.

Kodi's Mazda Millenia
Kodi’s Mazda Millenia.

We had made plans with our friend Randy a mechanic, to do some prepping on Kodi’s car. This was supposed to be a surprise for him when he got home.

The big plan for the Summer was to get our oldest, Mike Jnr, to come over from Illinois, take some time off and all 6 maybe 7 of us counting my nephew Martin, take a road trip to Orlando .

The plan was to rent a big SUV and take turns driving down to Florida. Some members of our family have never been to Disneyland.

Alas there was no four and a half hour drive to upstate New York for Cheryl and me. There was no need to prep my son’s car, there will be no road trip to Orlando no time soon.

Kodi’s things arrived in boxes shipped to us via UPS, they sit in a corner of the garage, the way they arrived, untouched.

Kodi’s car sits by the side of our house off the pavement now, on the grass. No prepping has been done. There will be no family trip to Disney world,, not this summer. We have no plans, we don’t know when, if ever.

Today Cheryl and the boys went to Church , I did not. I drove over to the flea market, walked around dazed, confused, in shock , angry, unsure of who I am. This was supposed to be a great Summer , our Summer.

AJ would have had his graduation party, Kodi had one. This fall it would be just Cheryl, our youngest Johnathan and me at home. Kodi and AJ would be in college. It may yet be just us three, however it won’t be the same, the glue is missing.

Kodi always bragged, he was the glue which kept our family together, he always asked my wife “what you gonna do when I’m gone ma”? We had no idea what he meant !!!….can’t see through the tears….