So low is our police force in the eyes of our opinion makers that until Wednesday, not one official stepped up and asked for an immediate apology to the police from Harriott, as well as his resignation as head of the Police Civilian Oversight Authority. Not the prime minister, not the leader of the Opposition, not any church official, no university president, no private-sector leader.( Mark Ricketts is an economist, author, and lecturer living in California)

For years I have been writing about these opinion makers in our country.  I refer to them as the immoral elitists from above Cross Roads. For those familiar with Jamaica’s geography the term conjure up a group with different accents than the rest of us, the most pretentious fecal matter laden parasites imaginable.
For the most part, there is a common thread which ties most if not nearly all of them together, that thread is the University Of the West Indies.

The transparent duplicity is inherent in politicians from both sides of the political divide as well as the complicit cheerleading by those in civil society including the media and what passes for the church (when they are not busy molesting little boys and girls) in tearing down the police department and the rule of law.

But then, bashing the police has become Jamaica’s biggest growth industry, for which there is a ready-made audience“.(Said @Mark Ricketts)
Haha, there you go, just ask Ronald Thwaites, Barbara Gloudon, Moutabaruka, Cliff Hughes, Garnett Roper and a long line of imbeciles who have made a name for themselves on the blood of dead cops.
The harm Carolyn Gomes did will take generations to reverse yet the groups named by Mark Ricketts were active cheerleaders and enhancers of her wave of destruction.

I was most proud of that uniform and the honor to serve in that noble capacity.
How many of the critics have served anything but themselves?

My friend Coop exclaimed to me that two of the most popular men in the country are former Commissioner of Police Trevor McMillian and Terrence Williams of INDECOM.
A searing indictment of the groups Mark Ricketts excoriated and to the general population at large, the toxic bile having now bled out across the country in every nook and crevasse.
DPP Paula Llewelyn spoke out against Harriot’s inflammatory rhetoric and we thank her for it. She of all persons knows and understands the work the police actually put into bringing cases to her office and she understands what those officers face.


The thing is, police officers past and present know shit when they see it. and we do not always bother to use fancy terminology to call shit -shit.
I saw the shit the very day it was reported and I responded in kind, good to see others now recognizing the gross disrespect this hack perpetuated on our police officers.
Out of the mouth of Harriot came toxic shit and there is no pretty way to characterize that, at least not for me, I’ll leave that to the more cultured amongst the local bourgeoisie`.
At first, when I saw Harriot’s comments I thought, not only is the language coming from his pie-hole the only thing toxic, but that kind of shit could only come from a toxic shithouse.

Anthony Harriot

See, I was never one to care for these assholes. I have seen them up close. As a young officer I interacted with these frauds, “oh so where were you trained“?
Because as you know Jamaican police officers were totally incapable of speaking proper english[sic].
Where the fuck you think I was trained, at some fake location like your fake accent? No, I was trained right her m****r f****r!
My disdain was palpable, my anger dangerous and so I thought I can no longer serve these infidels in this capacity or any other.

Mark Ricketts lives in the United States as do I.
For the most part, Jamaicans living in the diaspora have a better understanding of the importance of law enforcement sacrifice to the stability of our societies. No, it’s not just a job for which we pay men and women, (imperfect though some of them are), it is a calling which propels those of us who took the plunge to risk it all for others we have never met.

It is not something which Andrew Holness, Peter Phillips, the imbeciles Anthony Harriot and Terrence Williams would ever understand. It is not something the average Jamaican would either because they have never been taught respect for this indispensable institution.
The cries coming from them now in relation to the gathering whirlwind is fear. Fear born out of the winds of divisiveness, disrespect, and dishonor they sowed.

So it’s not shocking that none of the individuals or groups named by Mark Ricketts found Harriot’s statements objectionable, demeaning or downright offensive.
They don’t know any better, they were raised in a country which has since its infancy cut its teeth on an ignorant embrace of disrespect for the rule of law and law enforcement officers.(See Babylon)

A shit hole country?
A shithole people?
Yes, though not all,  a whole slew of shitholes!