I really can’t wait for this election to be over , one way or the other, there is just too much at stake, not just for America but for our planet in this presidential election.My first observation today, is regarding a comment made by one of Mitt Romney’s son, I think this moron’s name is Tagg. No I did not mean Mormon, I  really meant  moron.

Tagg Romney was responding to a question on a North Carolina Radio Station.

Q : How does  it feel to hear the president call your dad dishonest during Tuesday’s debate.?

A: “Jump out of your seat and you want to rush down to the stage and take a swing at him,” he laughingly said, though he quickly admitted that wouldn’t happen, since such remarks are “the nature of the process.” Also, he says, there’s that matter of getting through the Secret Service.”They’re gonna try to do everything they can do to try to make my dad into someone he’s not,” continued Tagg. “We signed up for it, we’ve gotta try to kind of sit there and take our punches, and then send them right back the other way.”



Every Television and other media outlet has sought to trivialize this as nothing serious, so let me just focus you for a mere couple of seconds. Mitt Romney is president of the United States, Barack Obama is the challenger for the presidency, Barack Obama has a son who was asked the same question and he responds the same way what do you think would be the reaction nationwide?

Perish that thought, change the black Barack Obama son, he would have already been locked up awaiting trial for making terrorist threats against the president of the United States.

Now replace that son with the two sweet little Obama girls, Sasha and Malia and there would still be hell to pay, you would not have known that what the fuss was about, was  a statement from a teenage girl. America will have to ask itself if this is the way it wants itself to be portrayed across the world. America’s population is roughly 308 million people with a minority some estimates suggest now make up over 50% percent of that population.

The fact of the matter is that we live in an ever shrinking world, will America continue to embrace a path, to which to some degree, it still hangs its head in shame? Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan and the Republican Party is literally the most Conservative in many decades. What is America doing, who is being fooled here? The entire 8 years of the last Republican Administration was premised on two pillars.

(1) Spreading Democracy abroad.

(2) Compassionate Conservatism.

Did any of you see any of that happen under Bush? was Dick Cheney a compassionate conservative, did they spread democracy , or did they create all kinds of enemies for the country? Isn’t it ironic that the very same party now wants to be returned to power a mere 4 years later , with war on the front burner, and the same economic agenda? Really how stupid do they think you are ? Or are you really stupid? After all this race is really close, why is this so in light of the facts?

Why is Mitt Romney afraid to show up on the view to answer questions from a group of sharp-tongued women, but sends his wife , who in turn gets snippy with Joy Behar when she dared to ask her questions on issues which she has been a vibrant surrogate for her husband.

Quote:  I’m not running for office and I don’t have to say what I feel.  But I am pro-life.

The nerve of these plutocrats:

The Romney family believes in their heart of hearts, spurred on by their filthy rich friends, of the Oligarchy, who make up the one percent, that they are entitled to the presidency. By their actions,  and deeds, they have demonstrably shown, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they feel above being questioned about anything, how dare anyone ask Romney about his tax plan? How dare pesky Journalists expect Paul Ryan to bother to explain his own plan? Never mind that Ryan is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee. Don’t they know it’s Mitt’s time now ?( ala his wife’s comments) 

In fact why would Tagg Romney not feel obliged to defend the honor of his pathologically lying father? Mitt Romney was overtly disrespectfully to the president during the two debates, but more so during the second debate when he was challenged repeatedly not just by the president of the United States but by Candy Crowley a respected Journalist. Romney told the president quote “you will get your turn, I’m speaking now “ it wasn’t  just what he said but the way he said it. “He invaded the President’s space , badgered and interrupted , talked over the president repeatedly, until the president said quote “well I never”.

It wasn’t until he ventured into the Benghazi issue and the President knocked him down to size, and he saw the black side of Obama that he got up rather wobbly ,and ended up putting his foot further up his lying mouth and was fact checked by Candy Crowley that the president delivered the coup de grâce .

Like father like son, they are elitist who do not believe they should be challenged, they do not respect the president. Like a true bully Mitt Romney is also a coward, he was clearly shaken when the president stepped to him on the Benghazi issue. One thing is assured however, neither Mitt Romney nor any of his punk a** sons would ever step to a black man in the streets. They are punks who understand that the president cannot and will not go gangsta up on their stupid ass, so they chose to pontificate. I say to Tagg Romney, be a man , you are what 42 years old? Leave the cocoon of your feathered nest and say what you said to that radio host to any black man you meet on the streets, I beg you>

The deafening silence in the lame stream media is disgustingly shameful, I am ashamed not for them , but for this concep called democracy. What we are witnessing in this country , this election cycle is the most vile, despicable and rancid display by white men who for the first time in 4 hundred years, are witnessing  their ivory towers collapsing around them.

Mitt Romney is on tape telling rich CEO’s to  tell ordinary Americans in their employ  how to vote. This is the most craven, rapacious and sorry display by a presidential candidate,Romney has revealed himself ,throughout this campaign cycle to be an immoral ,despicable  charlatan, who is blinded by raw greed and unbridled lustful ambition. This  guy has all of the characteristics of a dangerous egomaniacal narcissist. The very existence of our planet is at stake if this guy is allowed near the nuclear codes.

The thuggery that we have seen from this buffoon Mitt Romney and more recently from his son, are unfortunately not confined to them, the level of disrespect heaped onto this president is parallel only to what Jackie Robinson endured as the first black man to play major league baseball. Now look at baseball, American black men don’t even want to play that game anymore, been there done that.

The very foundational principle which these charlatans preach that the constitution espouses, are the same principles which allowed Barack Obama to become the nation’s first black President, the principles of one man one vote, the principles which says if you work hard and play by the rules you can be anything you want to be. They are the same principles they now want to discard.

They are threatened, white male domination is threatened and they are afraid of their shadows, they hate this president, in him they see what they would like to be but failed even though they have a playing field slanted in their favor. Mitt Romney is no exception. Barack Obama represents to them the beginning of the end of white male supremacy , not just in America but on planet earth, this makes them mad, and like wounded animals they cannot control their anger and angst.

What else would influence a recent appointee to the Supreme Court to shake his head and mouth the words“not true” when the president blasted the citizens united decision by the Supreme Court, as Samuel Alito did?

 Samuel Alito Assc. Supreme Court Justice.

What would influence Joe Wilson ,Republican Congressman from South Carolina , to shout “you lie” as the president delivered the state of the Union address?

 Joe Wilson (R) South Carolina.

What would cause  classless bigot, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to point her fingers into the face of the President of the United States?

What would cause John Sununu,  Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Glen Beck , Sean Hannity and the never-ending list of punks, who challenge the president ,the way they would never dare challenge any other black man anywhere?

You see, there a certain type of black men who make white men look good, it’s not that they like them , they tolerate them, they use them until they have outlived their usefulness. Ask Colin Powell about his stint in the Bush Administration. Ask Secretary Powell how he felt after they used him to lie to the world about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the lies of mobile chemical labs.   Ask Michael Steele how he felt after they had used him to push their agenda against the very first black President, ask him what they did to him afterwards.

Ask Clarence Thomas why they love him? I’ll tell you, because he furthers their agenda the way no other black in America can. Given the right circumstances, they would put him back onto the plantation. The black men who say yes massa, to them are quite acceptable, why not? They are neutralized, they are self hating emasculated shells, who are happy for the white master to pat them on the head.

The moronic ignorance which permeates certain strata of the republican base, is not true of Mitt or his son Tagg Romney. Romney is not a fool, he is a shrewd businessman who understands what it takes to get what he wants. Romney’s quest for the presidency is a business proposition, it always was, that is the reason why as soon as he lost to John Mc Cain he reinvented himself and kept running. It’s a business strategy. Romney’s quest for the presidency is not bourne out of any deep conviction or desire to serve, if Romney wanted to serve he wouldn’t have ducked Vietnam and went to France as a mormon Missionary.

Romney’s craven desire for the presidency is solely to further enrich himself and other plutocrats like Sheldon Adelson, David and Charles Koch, The orange haired buffoon Donald Trump and others. why do you think all of the once forgotten fat cat billionaire has started creeping out of the wood-work to support Romney?  Even the inconsequential Ross Perot is now back out from obvlion to support their favourite son Mitt Romney. Is it because Obama is a European Socialist as they say he is? Or is it because they feel threatened by this one black guy, who in some ways have shown a sliver of disdain to their mantra of “we did build that”

Don’t be fooled by Romney’s reluctance to tell you about his secret plan for America, it’s not a ruse, he doesn’t  have one. he will wreck this economy, only worse than what Bush did, he will start world war 3 and create a  misery index the likes of which have never been seen before.

 I’ll conclude this blog by pointing to something I learned as I was writing this blog, that is  that mister big-shot Tagg Romney just fathered twins through a surrogate mother, on the documentation is a clause which allows the mother who carried those kids, the right to have an abortion in the event her life is threatened. So the powerful oligarchy at the center of which sits the Romneys ,believe the rights and privileges that they have should not be extended to you.