It is disingenuous to any democratic society and dangerous, that media houses can concoct fake narratives they see as in their interest, lampooning and maligning law enforcement which generally doesn’t respond with their version of the facts

Unconfirmed reports indicate that this is the saint [sic] who was killed in a confrontation with Police which has precipitated the mass uprising in the lawful community of Swallowfield[sic].

Below is the choir-boy portrayed in the sickening Observer story.
You are the judge.


The burning of tires and other debris, the firing of automatic weapons and the throwing of molotov cocktail bombs at the Police and police facility has all come as a result of this choirboy[sic] getting his.

We have zero qualms about putting their videos (in their own words) online for the world to see and hear them. So when the lying dirty politicians and the criminal rights eat a food fraternity try to canonize these saints[sic] we will be right there to show the world that there is no difference between these idyllic members of society[sic] and those who support and enable them.

Police vehicles damaged.

According to the police, at approximately 8:15 pm on Monday 17-year-old Casey Lake was fatally shot during a confrontation with cops on Providence Lane.
The police reported that a home-made firearm and one round of ammunition were recovered from Lake.
True to form, the Jamaica Observer went about reporting the incident the way they and other media have always done, by padding the reporting with quotes from so-called witnesses who are always conveniently present during these encounters.

Here is the resultant carnage

It is that biased -brain dead imbecilic anti-police reporting which has given rise to and nurtured the rampant criminality on the Island.
The link above is their reporting as fact, the hearsay which is designed to make saints out of criminals.  I once again call on the Jamaican Government to scrap INDECOM and move with alacrity to dispense all funds earmarked for INDECOM to the police in the fight against lawlessness in this country.

One thought on “Thuggie Thuggie East Kingston Gangster Gets Killed Community Lies …. (video)

  1. Most of us who are from Jamaica knew that our little island is the best university for modern criminals, and therefore the real meaning is that “Jamaica is a criminals paradise in the Caribbean Sea, ” and the “anti-police drumbeats are getting louder each passing day.

    I am conservative in my thoughts, beliefs, and actions; I do believe that criminals must live in constant fear for the lives and must never, ever feel comfortable that they can sleep in rem state.

    Shortly, I know that ” pre-emptive strike” will be the order if the day because the old-time law enforcement methods are archaic and are for a time when they could operate in a relic state.

    I don’t know the deceased man or the officers involved, but it’s ironic in this day and age the police recovered a “one pop” from the dead. That doesn’t make any sense at all! But if he challenged the police with his one pop, he should’ve known that he’s going to lose.

    Let’s wait and see the initial investigation because this shooting is not healthy at all because the response from the community in and around the man was killed showing that he was not a saint at all. But an experienced “thug, rude, badman, and gunman” that the community was willing to attack the police station, destroying government property and barefacedly shooting at the police in uniform.

    The video above speaks volumes about his character of the deceased and the way how he portrays himself because he’s showing an idyllic and true self.

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