With the constant, he said, he said, he said-she said between police and motorists when officers initiate traffic stops and the ensuing problems which emanate from these encounters there must be a better way forward other than officers body cams, which they can choose to turn on and off at their discretion.

Motorists can use their cell phones to record encounters with police.
Of course, police can always say the cell phone use precipitated the stop in the first place.
See what happens when we cannot trust the people we should be able to trust?


It is now time for auto makers to place cameras in every automobile, both inside, and outside.
Motorist should have the option of activating those recording devices not just in encounters with law enforcement but under normal conditions.
This will go a long way in helping police in the investigations of traffic accidents.
The potential for this kind of technology is endless.
Imagine having this technology in your car and you are able to press a button which not only alerts police of your whereabouts in the event of a carjacking, it gives them a play by play account of events as they happen.

We should expect and demand this from automakers in light of some of the gadgets they have crammed into automobiles to date.
Nevertheless, we should not hold our breath for this to happen anytime soon.
If it will clear up some of the ambiguities in the citizen to police encounters there may not be any action on it.
Recording devices which actually capture and store the speed one was traveling at the time he was pulled over will go a long way in lightening the coffers of municipalities which depend on traffic fines as a form of taxation to fund their budgets.
So this may be a non-starter for automakers as this idea is certainly not a novel idea.

In the meantime in places like Jamaica motorists who are constantly being approached by traffic cops for bribes should take steps like activating a recording device as a means of eliminating corruption.
In States within the United States, it is always a good idea to record encounters with law enforcement.
Even so, as we have seen with the killing of Philando Castille it may not be enough to save your life.