Democrats are all starry-eyed at the prospect that at the bare minimum, come next year Nancy Pelosi will yank the gavel from the puny hands of Paul Ryan a man who has demonstrated he stands for nothing and will capitulate to anything.
Paul Ryan the man who couldn’t support Trump before he could, a man who has now drawn an alt-right opponent in the person of Paul Nehlen for his congressional seat in his home state of Wisconsin, a man who doesn’t know if he wants to stand and fight or run and hide from the challenge.


But this article is not about a weak Republican Speaker of the House it is about a weak Democratic Party which has managed to turn off most of its white working class, unionized workers driving them into the arms of the likes of Steve Bannon and Donald Trump.
Is race a part of this dynamic?
You bet!


But lets us never forget that many of these very same voters in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio voted twice for Barack Obama choosing him first over Hillary Clinton in the primaries, over war hero John McCain and in 2012 over Mitt Romney.
All three are white, Obama is black.

I was convinced that Barack Obama was going to be the first Black President, but I became doubly sure when I heard two elderly white women talking in hushed tones in the cereal aisle of my neighborhood supermarket ” I don’t trust that Hillary, I’m voting for that nice [fellow]Obama“.
The other chimed in “me too.”

Barack Obama is now a twice-elected ex-president with high approval ratings, what is not exactly clear is what has become of the Democratic party?
Or the better question is, what is the Democratic party?
Even as a political junkie I struggle to identify the Democratic party, what is it where is it, is the Democratic Party Nancy Pelosi a woman even some in her own caucus says should step aside because she is a lightning rod?
Is it, Tom Perez the head of the DNC, or is it Charles Schumer the New York senior senator  from Brooklyn?

The Republican party is a tightly woven intricate machine which cultivates its voters from the grassroots, it has scores and scores of grassroots organizations and groups which are actively engaged in cultivating and nurturing new swaths of voters at all levels.
There is no discernable counterbalance on the Democratic side.

The fact of the matter is that Black voters are the most loyal voters in the Democratic party. As one writer recently wrote, Black people vote the Democratic party into office so that they can nominate white people for positions of power.
That statement though true doesn’t begin to summarise the extent to which blacks the power behind a fickle and weak Democratic party are being ignored by their party of choice.

White women, in particular, continue to work wonders by turning out in phenomenal numbers to elect their candidates of choice as they did in Alabama not because they were necessarily in love with Democrat Doug Jones but out of Revulsion for a bigoted alleged pedophile in Roy Moore.
It’s now time for the Democratic party, whatever that is, to elevate Blacks to their rightful position of power within the party or face a possible exodus of blacks from the party.
A mass exodus of blacks from the Democratic party would mean the end of the party, considering that it has no grassroots organizations actively cultivating new voters.

Black voters should not wait for party bosses they must now demand that the democratic party hear their voices and give them the respect they deserve or launch a takeover of the Republican party.  Racist whites in the Republican party who doesn’t like it can run back to the Democratic party as they did to the Republican party after the signing of the civil rights act.
Hey, it’s possible, the tea party [Patriots] did it, why not?