We Are In The End Time

images (34)There are significant signs indicating that the second coming of Jesus Christ is close at hand, yet the Church is almost silent on end time prophesies. Is the Church more interested in things of the World ? Many Ministers preach prosperity and a feel-good gospel that goes over well with the crowd, but is that what God commands us to do?

♦Why is the Christian Church impotent regarding end time Prophesies?

♦ Are present day preachers and teachers ill-equipped to decipher Biblical Prophesies, which would enable them to warn God’s people?

♦ What’s behind the inability, or lack of will, why preachers/teachers  preach-teach feel good gospel?


There will be wars and rumors of wars, famine, men will become lovers of themselves, earthquake in divers places, floods, these are signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ. With the proliferation of communication devices it will be difficult for anyone to argue they never heard about our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

Revelation 22:11. After everyone has had a chance to make an enlightened, intelligent decision, then the “door of mercy” will close forever, just like the door closed to Noah’s ark before the flood (See also Genesis 7:16). Every human being will either be “righteous” and “holy,” or “filthy” and “unjust” (Revelation 22:11). There will be no more changing sides.

images (3)Biblical prophesies are happening around us daily. I do not profess to know what the final sign of Jesus’ return will be.

Revelation 7:1-3; 13:16-14:1. In the end times, during Earth’s last crisis, every living human being will make a final choice, choosing the side of Jesus Christ and the truth (receiving the “seal of God”) or the side of Satan and the “beast” (receiving his “mark”). Humanity will be divided into two great, final classes.

The Christian Church is almost powerless, where is the power that God has bestowed on us to go out and preach the word to all the world? Why are Preachers of the Gospel afraid to speak truth to power? What power is as great as the power of God? Why has the Christian Church adopted a go-along-to-get-along approach to the Gospel of Christ? Why is the Church afraid to preach against Homosexuality, sexual perversion, infidelity, immorality, and other un-godly vices? Where is the Church on “thus sayeth the lord”?

Christians cannot be afraid to be martyred for Christ. The Bible’s New Testament book of Acts, records the martyrdom of the Apostle Jamesimages the son of Zebedee, and of Stephen, a believer who was killed while evangelizing. There are other accounts that up to 10 of the 12 Disciples were killed because of their Religious beliefs. If the Christian faith is the only true path to escape the calamity which is to come, how can we water it down yet expect that God will look kindly on us?

Jesus did not mince words he spoke truth to power, he called sin exactly what it was, sin, and yes he was killed. I am not advocating that Christians go out seeking to get killed. What I am suggesting is that we be less concerned about what the world think of us. After all the world needs to be saved , the  world cannot offer us safety from the wrath to come. Why then are we mindful of what the world think of us ?

Even as the grip of the anti-Christ tightens , many are still totally blind to it.


Revelation 13:16-17. The “mark of the beast” will be enforced by governments around the world as a supposed “solution” to a global, desperate crisis. The majority of Earth’s inhabitants will not realize this is “the mark,” for they will be deceived. Revelation 19:20. The terms “beast” and “mark” are code words in the book of Revelation that God’s people alone will understand. They will know who the “beast” is, and what his “mark” is, while the rest of the world has no clue. http://www.end-times.info/



Whether we believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior or not , he is coming back and he is coming back soon. We can trust to our own intellect and understanding or we may choose to seek his face, the time is nigh. I urge you to seek Jesus, there is absolutely no time to waste.

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  1. Mike , as usual your perspective is instructive and makes enjoyable reading . The end of the world scenario has been playing out for years , at one stage it was said that Adolf Hitler was the ‘ beast’ personified and his quest to conquer the world, an indication that the end of he world was at hand . Hmmmm …just wondering .

    I agree that the church has somehow lost its core objective and become more materialistic . They have lost their moral authority to lead , imploding under political and other external pressure,and compromising their faith in the process. What credibility can they have to convince the world about God if they continue on the path to self destruction ? …they have lost zeal and the zest required , perhaps they need to look at other religious denominations as the Mormons, Jehovah’s witness and not to mention the Muslims …hmmm I am just wondering .

    If my memory serves me right , the bible is quoted as saying that no man knows the hour or time, for the return of the son of man ( paraphrased of course ) . We have been having disasters over the years which would have fit the end of the world scenario …if we believe in prehistoric period , the extinction of the dinosaurs , antiquity’s disasters etc . …hmmm I am just wondering .

    Christians have just watered down the faith period …when I was a Christian in the 70’s , wow , you wanted to enjoy bathing in your belief ….but with the world changing, instead of the neo -Christian believers remaining steadfast to the cause, they have changed with the world ….hmm …I am still wondering . Martyrdom is an anachronism , belonging in an era where believers were engrossed and totally emerged in their faith ….

    • Of all Religions, Christianity is the only Religion authenticated through Prophecies. Not Islam, not Buddhism, not Rastafariasm, not Hinduim . No other Religion can point to point by point prophesies which are actually coming to pass in front of our very eyes.
      My friend I have known you for years , I shudder when I hear you say when I was Christian in the 70’s because we are getting close to the end of time and it sounds to me that you have been separated from your lord and savior Jesus Christ.
      I beg you to reconnect with the source of our salvation , our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
      Events which occurred when you were a kid are foretold in the Bible as we progress we are seeing more and more events unfold exactly as foretold in the bible.
      God’s time is not man’s time. Unsaved man’s interpretation of events cannot be construed to be that the bible is not relevant or true.
      I encourage you to read the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelation , seek God’s face and he will direct you to his truths. Those truths will see you returning to the family of Christ. Sir you can be wrong about everything else but God. You simply cannot afford to be wrong about God.
      The fact that well placed people in society are now denouncing the Bible, and the Lord should send you running toward your source, our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

      • Mike , I admire your commitment ,if we had more Christians Like you the world would be a better place . My persoective on the Christian religiion has changed immensly since those memorable years when I was a Christian , what they are now is inconsequential . It has not changed one iota as far as my belief in God is concern , my perspective may differ on how God relates to us but we are certainly on common ground in many respect . My perspective is not influenced by any major religion that much I will say . biblical profesies have had its challenges over the years and have not been definitively established as an indication of end of time . We have been having disasters over the years that fits the bill and falls into place with the predictions of the bible but we are still here . I think Christains have been focusing too much on the fire and burn end of the world thrust , to get believers than spreading the love and sharing love among men . You see if the focus is in fire and brim stone religion them people will gravitate towards it out of fear and not out of genuine commitment to the cause . Besides , when
        People are told about imminent disasters that never comes what are the consequential results , I have seen that many times . I admire what you are doing friend , continue on your path , belief promotes self fulfillment and a contented aperitif and mind …

          • Mac. The word of God is the same yesterday,today and for henceforth. The word of God is unchanged. There are no Biblical prophesies which are in contention. What’s in contention are the deliverers of the message who are not sent by God. Satan has his own agenda, that much you must be aware of. Satan cannot force us to do anything , so he has to deceive us, as such he causes us to question the very existence of God. He causes us to question the authenticity of God’s word , he even causes us to question his own vile existence>
            I want you to realize that natural disasters are not the only events foretold in the Bible. I will furnish additional literature on world events which are unfolding in front of our eyes yet we close our minds and our eyes to them.
            This 666 system of the beast which represents the new World Order is a fact it is being instituted as we speak , we are moving deliberately toward a one world Government. How can we ignore these predictions when they are happening in front of us.?
            How can you or anyone take that risk of being wrong.
            I must tell you that the best thing Christians like myself can do is tell the world of the calamity which is to come. Yes if it scares man to the possibility of his impending doom then so be it .
            The Gospel of Salvation is not intended to make us comfortable in a Faux Utopia here on Earth.
            It is intended to awaken us to the stark reality that we need a relationship with God or we face impending doom.

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