Simple common sense approaches can save you a whole lot of headache and pain.
Leaving pocket-books, Jeweler boxes, or packages which appear to contain valuables is an open invitation for thieves to break into your vehicle, even if the containers are empty.

Thieves scouting out a group of automobiles will invariable chose to break into the one which has packages visible inside.
It does not matter that the package is empty.
Imagine credit cards, driver’s licence, and other personal documents which have all your personal information, including your home address in the hands of faceless strangers?
Even if they did not find anything, you will be left holding the bag for a smashed window or a damaged door-lock.

The Flat Bridge Bog Walk St Catherine…

Oh by the way, always lock your doors, no matter how safe you think your neighborhood is .
Most crimes are crimes of opportunity .
Talk to you next time.