We continue to speak to the Jamaican Police about executing safe arrests , particularly in light of mounting evidence of proper protocols not being followed.

♦So the first order of business in executing an arrest is speed.
Once an offender is told in sharp , clear and concise language that he/she is under arrest , the next command must be , turn around and place your hands behind your back.
The reason for ordering the offender to  turn away from you the officer, and place his/her harm behind the back, is to mitigate potential harm to you the officer.
It also gives a clear indication right away to you the officer whether this offender intends to resist arrest or not.

♦ The next step is to move swiftly and decidedly to the offender and place him in handcuffs , always with hands cuffed behind the back.
If the offender is belligerent , argumentative , and non-compliant, officer/s must bring the offender to the ground and execute the arrest as swiftly as possible .
♦In executing an arrest there should be no circumstances in which an officer or two struggles with effecting an arrest while another officer is standing around like a casual observer.
In the event that happens the department should forthwith send that officer back for retraining ,or he or she should be dismissed from the service.

Bystanders who intervenes , obstructs, goads or otherwise interferes with an arrest must forthwith be placed under arrest and charged for obstructing Governmental Administration or Assisting the principal in resisting arrest depending on the statute.

(1) Where police fail to follow established guidelines in effecting safe arrests in Jamaica, and (2) the United States where some Police officers use the arrest process to exact revenge and retribution on arrestees for myriad reasons.
I believe there is a amicable middle ground .
As I said in a previous  article, when an offender is told to turn away from the arresting officer and place his hands behind the back of his head, it gives the arresting officer a chance to find out to a certain degree whether the offender intends to resist,
(unless that offender decides to play Possum) .
In which case the officer is trained to deal with that situation.
There is a middle ground which does not always have to include either polar opposites if executed correctly.
There is a grey area between Rambo brutes and incompetent wimps.