If you are a pertinent witness in a case before the courts  it is important that you attend court. However it may sometimes be onerous for you to take day after day after day from work  to attend court .

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It may not be necessary to skip work , considering that cases within the Jamaican criminal courts move at a Snail’s pace.
In order not to lose your job or your sanity it may be a good idea to speak to the Investigating Officer handling the case, or the prosecuting Attorney.
Let them know that having to attend court even on days when the case will not begin trial is difficult and onerous for you.
The Investigating Officer has a responsibility to tell you when you will be needed definitively.
As a witness critical to a criminal case this will prevent you from loosing interest in moving forward.
It also helps to ensure that criminals are held accountable because you are not frustrated before the process even begins .
Talk to you next time.