Total Nonsence

Jamaica’s Daily Gleaner Editorial page of Sunday August 14 was captioned thus. (What the Jamaican police can learn from the UK riots)

The Editor went to lengths to commend the British Police for their restraint in the way they handled the riots that  in his own words Quote, left six persons dead  many buildings destroyed or damaged and hundreds of millions of pounds of economic loss, end quote. Obviously this tremendous loss of life , the destruction of property and the economic fallout to the country was small potatoes to the esteemed editor, after all what’s a few lives lost and a couple  hundred millions  pound sterling ,in the greater scheme of things? as long as the police do not put a stop to the anarchy all is well.

I”ll tell you this I am ashamed for him for having put this piece of crock out . However it is easy to do this in Jamaica . These people are looked at as one would look at God Almighty, they put out the putrid garbage and the masses of low information or marginally intelligent people buy into the nonsense, can anyone see why Jamaica is a declining society, these are the opinion makers , these are the people who actually shape popular perceptions and influences  national debate.

He was not finished  he went on to point out these statistics.

Quote:Indeed, last year, the Jamaican police shot dead 309 persons, compared with 263 in 2009, and 224 the year before that ,end quote. These are exactly  the talking points of the criminal rights Amnesty International and Jamaicans for Justice, notional honoree Charlatan Carolyn Gomes. Policing in Jamaica is different from any place else in the world, 10 years and a  bullet in the ass later I am expressly qualified to shout down this load of garbage. I get particularly pissed when these Elitist morons pretend to know what the hell they are talking about from their high perches in  air conditioned offices at the top of North Street.  If you want to draw comparisons get out of your office and ride with the heroic cops that patrol the Garrisons and by-ways of the city some refer to as (killsome)sic, I guarantee after one experience you will piss your pants.

Do not sit there and act like you know something when you don’t . not one British Cop lost his or her life in all of those riots, not one. Jamaica poses a unique  challenge to law enforcement, its criminals are blood thirsty , doped up lunatics that have absolutely no compunction about killing cops, you want to draw comparisons about policing ? spend some time looking at some you tube videos of British cops in operation in the Ghettos.

The irony is that this editorial lauds the British police for restraint when the very match that lit the fuse was the alleged unlawful killing of a black man by British Police.  Of course under the circumstances they must try to put out the fire they themselves lit . What better way to defuse the situation than to lay low, which is exactly what they did while the cities burned , which he alluded to. Quote Prime Minister David Cameron and the police chiefs in England have sparred over police tactics during last week’s riots across Britain and ownership of the strategy that caused the unrest to subsidee.

What is it that keeps our people  mentally chained to the slave masters, who beat and raped our women and children , slaughtered our men, and still do it through economic and other means to this day?  This Editorial , rather than uplift our Officers who toil day in day out under the most extreme conditions with marginal compensation and despicable working conditions, facing down heavily armed urban terrorists at the peril of their lives , he finds it fit to commend the very cops that are accused of killing black people in England. The crock goes further, quote: there is consensus in Britain that policing is by consent, enshrined in an unwritten, but clearly understood, compact between the constabulary and the community. Even when that relationship is strained, as was the case last week, the constabulary remains part of, and not separate from, the community.

This is laughable, first visit the communities of Brixton, or any other community of color and tell me the police is a part of those communities. the concept of policing by consent is a concept similar to the concept in business that the customer is always right, it is a great concept from which to operate, much like the subject heading in an essay. The British Police you are so in awe of recently saw  two of it’s top leaders step aside due to corruption charges, accusations of graft and bribe taking, and other crimes, Their glaring incompetence was on public display to the world, when Rupert Murdoch and his son were  assaulted in a hearing room as they sat being grilled by British Parliamentarians about  Murdoch’s news of the world phone hacking scandal. Grand total amount of people in the rooms 50. Yet a man was able to saunter   in with a bag containing  what has been described as a plate full of shaving cream , which he used to attack Murdoch. Murdoch’s wife showed the necessary grit needed in the defense of her family. Again take a look at the you tube video . The incompetent British Police were left with egg on their faces as usual.

You  big fish in your little pond, who advocated for the British police to come to Jamaica and show how it is done, have still not explained to us, how Mark Shields helped our Police Force after he finished his lucrative Expatriate  tour. What we do know as  fact, is that crime trended north under his watch ,and continued that Way untill the police put their feet down in Tivoli Gardens.

Jamaican police are not perfect, in far too many instances some of them makes one want to put a foot up their rear ends, however they are some of the most dedicated professionals anywhere in the world, they put their lives on the line every day they step out onto the streets, or whether they are in the confines of their own homes, such is policing in Jamaica. I don’t need to be told I lived it. What gets my blood boiling is garbage like this editorial that is not worth the paper it’s written on. Unfortunately even this editor benefit from the blood sweat and tears of  police officer’s sacrifice.

This one really made  me mad.

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