Romney Ryan
Romney Ryan

Throw all the stuff you can muster against the wall, see what sticks, never mind that some of that Stuff may actually come back at you because it was yours to begin with.

Mitt Romney’s campaign has been about one thing, “the economy”. This strategy has been at the heart of his campaign ever since he started running six years ago.

This strategy was consummated at the convention when Mitt Romney said quote: President Obama wants to slow the rise of the Oceans , he wants to heal the world, I just want to help you and your family”.

What that statement showed was the absolute cynicism with which Romney views people who do not have elevators for their cars, or don’t have cars at all. Throughout this never-ending campaign every publication every objective medium has pointed to the litany of lies that permeates the Romney/Ryan campaign. Never before have we seen a Presidential Campaign this truth averse.

Presidential Campaigns have always stretched the truth, as observers to these spectacles we were always mindful that baked into the information they pummel us with is a certain element of distortion. With that said we were always able to come to an understanding that when one politician say something is 6 and the other says its 4 we know it’s probably a 5.

All of that is now out the door, the Romney Ryan Campaign has decided that it is so imperative to beat Barack Obama, that they are going to do whatever it takes to defeat him.

This strategy though not the worst strategy ever, considering they could have used violence, has created great consternation in some of us to whom the truth matters.

My Grand Dad always taught me that you may hide your property effectively from a thief but you can never hide from a liar. A liar doesn’t have to see you to tell a lie on you. This Biblical teaching from my grand dad had a profound effect on me, to this day it is one of my greatest pet peeve, I cannot stand liars.


September 11th. 2012 both campaigns agreed to suspend campaigning, this was respectful and the least they could do in honor of those who were taken from us ,and those who gave their limbs and lives after,  in an effort to bring justice to the perpetrators of that horrible event that will be forever seared in our minds.

One would have thought, that at least on this day, on the solemn anniversary of this event, that Mitt Romney would show some character, it would have been fitting if Mitt Romney could understand that when you give your word it should mean something.  Over the course of this campaign we have been truly introduced to Willard Mitt Romney and what we have seen is that this man(used liberally) has no standard, no character, we have been exposed to a man who will pretty much say and do anything to get elected, character and dignity be damned.

Paul Ryan has now morphed into a mini Romney of sorts since joining the ticket,many argue that Ryan have probably been damaged by Romney, possibly irreparably because of the lies. I disagree, I believe that Ryan lacked character from the get go , hence ,his and Romney’s marriage is one made in hell, no one lies that frequently , and for no reason unless he or she is pathological.

Mitt Romney did not honor his word he went to Nevada to address National Guard contingent and he gave a classic campaign speech which was in many regards disrespectful to our president.

No matter how you feel about former president George Bush, he was a man of character, you may have hated his politics, but you had to agree that president Bush was a man of class, Mitt Romney is like a common alley-cat.

Judge for yourself if this guy is qualified to be president, he is certainly the worst candidate for president I have ever seen and certainly the most classless.

We take this opportunity to salute all the families of all those who died on September 11th. We also salute the members of America’s intelligence, law enforcement, and military community all of whom have worked tirelessly to make America safer.

Kudos to former President George Bush for some of the policies he pursued to keep all of us assured during those difficult days.

Kudos to President Barack Obama for his vigilance for his steadfast fidelity to his stated objectives in this so-called war on terror and the accomplishments he attained  that no wannabe president or anyone else can take from him or his legacy.