Absolutely interesting read from our friends at HuffingtonPost.com. With the struggles of the 60’s and the progress made including the election of An African-American to the presidency of the United States twice, it is easy to lose sight of the real facts.
But as Michael Hobbs wrote Sunday, in a 2018 survey, the percentage of younger whites self-reporting that they had interracial friendships was nearly identical to that of older whites. Studies that examine “close” friendships find even greater racial separation: In 2006, researchers reviewed photos from more than a thousand marriage celebrations and found that only 3.7 percent of white couples had a black person in their wedding party.  
“Quality contact between whites and other races isn’t happening very often,” Enos said. “Whites often withdraw when their neighborhood or school starts to become more diverse. Most of the examples of contact with other races resulting in more progressive attitudes come from situations where people.
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