One hundred and sixty-two million dollars ,J$162M spent on foreign trips over a two-year period. Twenty five (25 foreign trips taken over a  twenty-four (24 month period. An average of over one foreign trip per month. Yet Like I said some time ago, I believe these are not correct numbers. I imagine if the Jamaican people really know the amount of money this Administration blows on foreign trips there would be rioting in the streets. The Leader of the Opposition has revealed that the numbers finally tabled in Parliament is not a complete nor correct representative figure of the real costs of the PM’s travels. In fact it seems the  amount tabled is a mere drop in the bucket of the real costs of her and her delegations overseas trips.,


Andrew Holness

What’s astounding in this whole affair was the Administration’s reluctance to release the information sought by the opposition on behalf of the Jamaican people. Even more shocking is the disdainful attitude the Prime Minister took in responding to the inquires. But nothing compares to the gutter behavior she displayed and allowed her immature Neanderthal acolytes to engage in ,in response to the leader of the Opposition. The historical sanitizers  in Jamaica have already embarked on a mission to make Portia Simpson Miller’s 40 year journey through Jamaica’s political morass a romantic  and heroic adventure worthy of national hero status. To the many who know her and saw the road she took to Jamaica House they are much less inclined to buy that hogwash.

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Simpson Miller

“I never asked to be invited, I attend in the interest of my country and my people. I have a responsibility as Prime Minister,” she told Parliament, adding that she is proud to have been invited to Africa, the land of her ancestors.

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has been criticized over the years for not being …… well too bright. Personally I have no use for elitists, I don’t care whether someone has one two or no degrees as long as they can do the job they ask for. But statements like this really causes one to scratch one’s head in wonderment at her lack of  intellect. Every jack one of those members in that chamber has african blood flowing through their veins. Portia does not have a monopoly on African blood or African Ancestry, as such her statement was moot. Her response was juvenile, and uneducated, yet boorish and Spanish-Town-Road-ish. The Prime Minister has a duty and an obligation to openly, truthfully and in a timely manner report how she and her Administration utilizes public funds.  Every penny the Royal House-hold spends is accounted for in Britain, Even Monarchs are answerable in this day and age.

I am tempted to say the Prime Minister is disdainful of the process and the people who are authorized to make sure that taxpayers funds are spent judiciously. On second though, I am more inclined to settle on the notion that her boorish unintelligent tirade was a by-product of ignorance. In essence you may take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. The Prime Minister must travel as part of her duties, yet it is unconscionable that a leader would take in excess of one overseas trip per month for the last 24 months. The country simply cannot afford the cost in dollars and cents nor her absence. The country is inundated with crime, yet the Prime Minister jets out every month.

Simpson Miller highlighted that on one official visit to the People’s Republic of China in 2013 the government spent $7.2 million but brought back J$1.7 billion.  The sheer nonsense of this explanation from the Prime Minister defies common sense!!! Was this a gift from the Chinese? If it was what do they want in return? The fact is it was a loan…. That money has to be repaid with interest.How can anyone with an ounce of brain suggest that kind of expense is worth the price of merely securing a loan? Our country is in deep trouble , one way or another this Administration has to go.



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  1. Mike , I am laughing off my pants literally. This lady has some serious issues man . The response she gave in respect to the trip to Africa had me dumbfounded , puzzled even, but certainly not surprised at her actions In fact this further reinforces the point that this lady does not have the intellectual capacity to lead her party much more our country.We are hemorrhaging financially man and it seems Mrs. miller is totally ignorant of the implications of the frequent travels and the interpretations of her ridiculous pronouncements . I get the feeling Peter Phillips , the heir apparent is buying time to allow for her self destruction. She on the other hand , viewing the inevitability of her demise wants to enjoy ,utilize and exhaust the full perks of her office , flying all across the globe before she goes . Certainly I would be relieved at the prospect of her leaving the post. Really pathetic . Keep writing Beckles , I might not respond to all your blogs but I do have a peek at times.

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