As the senseless bloodshed continue across Jamaica, a male vendor and a woman were murdered in the Old Harbor Market yesterday at about 2:10 pm.

According to supposed eyewitnesses, the two were gunned down by two men who then ran away.
They were both pronounced dead at the Spanish Town Hospital.
These kinds of brazen daylight murders have become the norm as gunmen kill whomever they chose and simply walk away without any seeming fear of the authorities.

We take no pleasure in showing these images but we are desperate for action on crime in Jamaica. We hope that our people’s sensibilities will be shocked and they will be forced into action.
We can no longer sweep these killings under the rug and pretend that they are not occurring.
We fully understand the concerns of those who say we should not show these images, but we also appreciate that we have been omitting to show these images and people are still dying. In fact, more and more people are dying, so not showing them have not worked to stop the bloodshed.
We need our leaders to be held accountable for their lack of consequential action on the nation’s crime front.