Yesterday there was a ruckus in front of the White House . The official story fed to the American people was that they were marching in support of military veterans.It was billed as  a million vets march, the march however turned out to be a colossal dud . There are questions regarding whether many who turned up were in fact veterans. Heading the charade were two elected US Senators . Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas.


Ted Cruz.


Mike Lee.

Yup, elected officials of the American Government actively participating in a march at which the Confederate flag was proudly displayed in front of the White House, along with racist  posters. Thugs in the group of Confederate anarchists heaped barricades in front in the White House fence as a mark of disrespect to the President. Some of the anarchists tussled with police. 


Front and center of the shameful , disgusting debacle was the failed quitter who paraded as Governor of Alaska for awhile Sarah Palin. These are the types who head the movement which are making life miserable for millions furloughed from their jobs. Palin the ignoramus and two sitting American Senators participated in a march which openly waved the Confederate flag in front of the White House.

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This is so shameful , I am ashamed for them. Really it is shocking that these creatures which calls themselves human beings, civilized human beings no less, could be so woefully illiterate.  The entire world is looking at America destroy herself. No Country can do that . America is doing it to herself. One Revolutionary war to chart a nation, one civil war to define a nation , the next war will be to destroy a nation. This war may not be fought with guns and bayonets. The next war is being waged with self-inflicted defaults, and shut-downs and. Drip ,drip, drip,bleeds America to death, while the Chinese watch and wait. Racism was here from the beginning, it has eaten away at this nation all throughout. Don’t be  fooled by Obama’s election. Racism the cancer will destroy us or maybe the Chinese will get us first, either way we are doomed.