Two punks on a motorcycle decided to rob a young man standing at the side of a road in the Zaide Gardens neighborhood of Saint Andrew about 6:00pm on Saturday evening July 13th.
According to Police reports the two onboard a motorcycle, with no registration plates attached, rode up to the young man and robbed him of his Samsung Galaxy cell phone.

The young man turned out to be an off duty police officer, who challenged them. Another police officer who was nearby assisted and both robbers were fatally shot.
One Taurus 9mm pistol containing 3 rounds of ammunition was taken from one of the robbers.
A knapsach containg a condition of bail booklet and other items were also taken from one of the robbers.
All indications are, that at least he was reporting to the Constant Spring police station as one of the conditions of his bail.
A clear indication, that when these vermin are let out on bail after offending, they go right back to committing crimes, as I outlined in the poddcast above.

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