We knew the INDECOM act was flawed, we knew it’s execution was flawed and we said so. Today this writer was vindicated in the Jamaican high court.
We have consistently maintained that though oversight of our law enforcement agencies is critical there has to be a balance in its applications as we must be deferential to the challenges law enforcement officers face.

It is not a blank check as some detractors are wont to accuse because they are unable to defend their point of view, but rather an understanding that unless we have first-hand knowledge of an issue we must give credence to the views of those who do.
It is against that backdrop that I personally opposed the INDECOM bill even before it became law and have written dozens of articles explaining in depth why it would create a chill to law enforcement and would do precious little in a positive way over and above what the other seven oversight agencies were already doing.

For eight years (8) I argued that this law is driving crime, for eight years INDECOM argued crime was high before it’s creation.
For eight years INDECOM crowed that police fatal shootings have gone down because of its vigilance. For eight years I have argued that police fatal shootings have gone down not because criminals are any less lethal but because police officers are standing down.
For eight years I have taken the abuse of the criminal rights fraternity in the country for daring to call for the repeal of the INDECOM act.
Neither political party in Government has done anything to revisit the law despite the glaring inconsistencies in it and their own observations that it is indeed flawed.

See ruling here: http://www.courtofappeal.gov.jm/sites/default/files/judgments/Police%20Federation%20%28The%29%20et%20al%20v%20Commissioner%20of%20Indecom%20%28The%29%20and%20anor_0.pdf

We are proud of the many long hours of hard work and research we have put into bringing awareness to the Jamaican public and people across the Globe about what is happening in Jamaica.
We are proud that in the face of a near blanket smear campaign against the police officers who risk their lives daily to create a modicum of peace and safety to the indoctrinated anti-police violence we decided to speak truth to power.
With the juxtaposition of the authorities violation of members right to free speech rights which effectively sanctions them for speaking out against the injustice meted out to them any advocacy on their behalf is incredibly valuable to their morale.

It is with that thought in mind that this medium was born in 2011. (1)Out of a sense of helplessness, I felt for the nations police officers who do so much under horrible working conditions, with less than appropriate tools of the trade and with their hands tied behind their backs.
(2) Out of an understanding that the vast majority of the uneducated people in our country deserve a life, a life free from crime and terror. Out of an understanding that it is those same people who surrender their children to become police officers.
Out of an understanding that without the rule of law we don’t have a country.
Out of an understanding that despite its flaws (which we have to fix) it is the police who are called when we need help.

It is that sense of duty why I made this personal call to arms so that those of us who walked away do not simply sit on the sidelines because we may be doing better with our lives. We owe a debt of gratitude to that beautiful little country we all love so very much.

Add your name whether you are a former Police officer or not. Show support for the betterment of our Country of birth Jamaica. Let us make a stand against corruption and crime once and for all.
It is through our numbers that we will bring change. As we have seen the Government of both Political parties have not done enough Legislatively or through other means of support to build a modern, effective Police Department. Maybe most importantly it hasn’t created the environment in which police officers may operate without the threat of imminent death simply for doing what they are sworn to do.
Register your decision to stand for change whether you wholeheartedly support the JCF or not.
This is not the forum for gripes about the police.
We cannot have a civilized society without police officers and the rule of law.
Let us start on that premise. We need your support.

That has been our clarion call before the INDECOM act was passed into law on April 15, 2010, it is our clarion call today, almost eight years later, even as the Court of Appeal has spoken quite loudly that INDECOM cannot have carte blanch to do as it pleases.
Th road to a better Jamaica is a long and arduous one, our advocacy for fairness and the rule of law will intensify so that we can enjoy the promise of a country in which all Jamaicans have an equal say and equal protection under the laws so that endemic crime and violence will be a thing of the past.

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