What would happen to Jamaica if both the PNP and JLP decided to cut ties with the criminal gangs to which they are tied and throw their support to the law enforcement agencies?
I’ll tell you what would happen, we would have Jamaicans living abroad, returning to invest in their country, creating untold employment opportunities and wealth in our country.
None of this can happen, however, because a small cadre of politicians placed themselves above country and have created a system which is dedicated to their own interest country be damned.

Beautiful Jamaica

We Jamaicans are quick to talk about “Jamaica nice,” and yes, of course, God has blessed us with a beautiful country with some of the most pristine beaches anywhere.
The Carribean Sea, which caresses our shores, oh so gently, is as clear and beautiful as the blue mountain peak is imposing in its majesty.
The rivers, streams, and tributaries, meanders endlessly until they disappear beneath a soil so fertile our farmers produced more than we could ever eat.
For the most part, our people have been the kindest, most loving and neighborly.
The farther inland you travel the better your experience becomes. But now all of that is in jeopardy of being lost.
The country is still beautiful, but people are losing their souls.
Greed and envy replaced compassion and kindness.
The joy of sharing with our neighbors is replaced with the greed of lotto cheat-sheets and high-powered weapons.

Our people were not always bloodthirsty hooligans tearing at the carcass of each other’s corpses. We were loving people, who looked after each other and each other’s children.
No one group of people is responsible for our slide into the abyss of the morass. But none is more culpable than those who have been given more power to act on our behalf.
Once the ’70s stepped in Jamaicans began to witness a shift in the way politics was retailed.
Gone was the harmless banter come election time, replaced with a more sinister and ominous narrative that whatever wealth the wealthy had was arrived at illicitly and everyone poor was entitled to half of it.

Michael Manley introduced Democratic Socialism to Jamaica , social engineering which ruined the once thriving Island. Today Manleys followers trumpet his achievements which are largely feel-good platitudes. To his detractors he ruined a beautiful country.

We all know the continuous narrative around that central theme. A massive flight of capital and skilled professionals resulted.
Political strongmen moved into people’s homes and our country was changed forever.
The next crop of politicians learned also that if they devised a way to keep the people fighting amongst themselves, on their behalf, they could rape and pillage the nation’s resources without consequence as long as they tossed a few strongmen a few bones to divide up amongst the peasantry.
No matter how gullible the Lumpenproletariat was, the newly minted political class which governed as a pseudo Plutocracy needed a scapegoat when the [Lumpen] becomes agitated.
When public funds are misappropriated, there are bound to be shortages in the dispensation of public services.
When the Lumpen rises up the Plutocracy needs a diversion.
The JCF which was born out of the Morant Bay rebellion was the perfect diversion.

Edward Seaga..

The police are empowered no further than to be revenue collectors, the plutocracy has no fear that a peasant uprising will end up affecting them negatively. They feel insulated from it all. After all their real power bases are in the depressed crime-ridden garrisons in which the police is public enemy number one.
In 2010 the security forces were forced to act in Tivoli gardens in what was a veritable war between the state and mercenaries loyal to a drug lord. Heavily armed, they dared the state to touch them.
In the end, wars have casualties and there is usually collateral damage.
Tivoli Gardens was no exception.

Who remembered the Hannah Town police station ?

Not wanting a shift in the political paradigm, the ruling JLP and the Opposition PNP which generally does not agree on anything, agreed to a kangaroo commission to investigate what happened in Tivoli Gardens.
Again the security forces were the scapegoat and restitution and an apology given the rogue community which had thumbed its nose at the rule of law. Killing police officers and burning police stations in the process.
The Security forces were roundly condemned and individual officers singled out for particular ridicule and derision.
What stuck in my throat to this day is that they brought in a foreigner David Simmons to head the commission which heaped scorn on our police and military.
David Simmons is a retired judge from Barbados, a former colony of England, which has its collective head so far up her Majesty’s rear end she can feel them breathe.

The Former Darling Street Police Station, a concrete structure destroyed.

For the PNP condemning and reining in the police offered the perfect diversion. That party maintains control of many more garrison communities than the JLP.
In those communities, people vote as a monolith and the number of votes cast in elections generally outnumber the number of qualified electors exponentially.
The PNP was not about to see its base of support messed with.
As for the JLP, it too controls Garrison communities, albeit fewer, but the party understood fundamentally what a paradigm shift in the way the security forces are allowed to operate would shift the balance of power ultimately to the working class and away from the small bunch of governing plutocrats.
INDECOM was born.

Carolyn Gomes

I would be remiss if I did not mention the burgeoning and thriving list of lobby groups which sprung up all claiming to be human rights organizations.
FAST. JFJ. IACHR. And a plethora of disjointed individuals also latched onto the anti-police growth industry which has taken over the country.
None were more caustic and dangerous than the Carolyn Gomes led JFJ.
And of course, anyone who buys into the narrative that the police is evil and deserving of shackles gets rewarded.
Carolyn Gomes was given a national honor by the government. In the end, the lie of JFJ caught up with Gomes and she was exposed for making pornographic material available to minors.
She was forced to step aside in disgrace and one of her minions rewarded with the top spot.
Out of that whole lobbying effort, Bruce Golding in cahoots with the PNP gave the nation INDECOM to oversee the security forces.
INDECOM brings brought ego and harassment to the security force members. Members of the security forces stepped back from sticking their necks out and violent crimes skyrocketed.

Terrence Williams INDECOM

Such is the character of JAMAICA, despite the noise about prosperity by the JLP and the supposed virtues of Socialism, a failed political construct championed by the corrupt PNP.
One of the most visible components of the strategy to scapegoat the Police is the frequency with which Commissioners of police are appointed and fired.
This sleight of hand gives the impression that a commissioner of police has the means to magically make crime go away.
The truth of the matter is that though several of the top cops have been inept political hacks, the truth is that all have been given the proverbial basket to carry water.
The lack of resources the police are forced to contend with is never about the material inadequacies only, but more importantly, the agency is not allowed to fully enforce the laws.
And so commissioners of police come and go and some try their best while failing to speak out at the blatant power play and micro handling the plutocrats engage in with the police department while speaking out of the two sides of their filthy mouths.
On the one side, they talk about the need to lower or curb crime, even though their political enclaves are veritable crime factories.
On the other hand, they make it impossible for the police to enforce the laws through the myriad tactics I have outlined.

Owen Ellington former commissioner of police

I believe no Commissioner of police has done more to acquiesce to the dictates of the corrupt plutocracy than the compromised Owen Ellington who stepped down under spurious circumstances.
In a series of moves intended to placate the public, rather than speaking out against the plutocracy Ellington gave away the store through a series of strategies he developed.
In some instances what he gave up the public had no right to. That included making the (police force orders)public.
The Force orders is a weekly publication which communicates dictates from the Commissioner and his staff to the departments and officers. It includes personnel movement along with other personnel matters.
Nothing in the force orders is information which the public has a reasonable interest in having.
Additionally, Ellington introduced measures which all but made the police a laughing stock.
One such directive is as follows.

Tactical Retreat.  Our police officers are cultured to pay the ultimate price rather than retreat from an armed criminal attack.
We are working on a set of procedures which could accommodate “tactical retreat” as an option to preserve human life without undermining the sense of pride and honor of front-line officers. We will begin the conversation with the idea that a tactical retreat does not signal an abandonment of the cause. 

Owen Ellington knew nothing about dealing with or confronting criminals. He was reared in one office or another within the department.
There is nothing wrong with a tactical retreat as it relates to policing. That can be (a) so that a hostage negotiator may talk to a person who has taken hostages.
(b) So that an armed suspect may be allowed room to move away from innocent civilians.
(c) So that officers may set up a wider, more effective and comprehensive perimeter around a hot zone.
In none of these cases does it mean surrendering to criminals or allowing criminals to leave unpunished.
The hapless Owen Ellington naively believed that for Frontline officers, it was all about a sense of pride and honor, not to retreat, or about ” abandonment of the cause.”
For frontline officers, it has nothing to do with any of what Owen Ellington placed into his policy positions. It is about protecting life and enforcing laws.
That is what it has always been about but an office cop would have no idea about that now would he?
Today Officers are running away from criminals and crowds alike, made to be a laughing stock.
Police officers hiding in supermarkets and offices for doing their jobs.
Tactical retreat Own Ellington style?
Or cowardice and a lack of testicular fortitude, you decide.