Wack Job



It’s incredible what passes for common sense and intellect these days. Take Conservative Icon and regular FOX misinformation pundit Anne Coulter for example. Here’s what this much revered opinion maker of the right had to say about the game of soccer. (America’s interest in World Cup soccer is a sign of “moral decay.

Coulter went on to say quote, “Soccer is a team sport that doesn’t recognize the individual achievement that has made America great“. 

Okay I gotta really lean on my Conservative friends here, really? So the Xenophobic Coulter certainly never heard of Pele, Diego Maradona , Socrates  Jurgen Klinsmann the American soccer coach and countless others.

What does it take to be a Conservative these days? Does one have to be the most racist Xenophobic , irrational moron? It certainly appears that way !

The American pastime Baseball, is a Team Sport. So is American Football, which by the way fields a lot more players than Soccer does per game. What about Basketball , last time I checked it was a team sport or maybe it’s a one-on-one in Coulter-land. Most Organized gamed are played at the team level , including Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, and even Gymnastics.

This has got to be the most ridiculous statement yet coming from this hair-brained Racist ideologue. It behooves her and her acolytes at FAKE news to recognize that America have not done well in Soccer because America did not put the necessary resources into the game which would make her competitive like other Nations which have done so.

The entire World Plays Soccer and Cricket , America is slow coming to that reality, to that we say welcome America. Note to Coulter, America did not become great because of people like you and the FOX crowd, she did so despite you.

Here’s hoping America will have a better showing at the next World cup in 2018 despite the neanderthal remnants like Coulter etal.

There is obvious  moral decay for sure here, I hope Coulter gets help before it’s too late.