Wading Through The Psychological Morass Of Divide And Conquer

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. National Action Network. American Civil Liberties Union. National Urban League.  Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Rainbow push. The list goes on and on . There are no shortage of Civil Rights Organizations in America .Where are they ? Why are the people of Ferguson standing alone in the face of thuggish Police aggression?

Whats happening in Ferguson Missouri is not isolated. This is a much smaller part of a larger picture of abuse and undue aggression by Police all across America. The killing of Michael Brown is just the latest in a lifetime of abuse by thuggish cops in America. The pattern of abusive behavior by police have been going on for decades.  There is a part of the society which turns a blind eye and pretend it’s not happening, because it’s not happening to them.  In case after case, they kill and abuse black men and even women, then use character assassination essentially turning victims into criminals. Criminalizing the victims.

The latest narrative coming out of Ferguson is that Micheal Brown rushed at the Cop who killed him. Of course they do this using plants who  spread misinformation and character assassination. We heard the same narrative in the Trayvon Martin case. A woman is now reported to have told a Radio Station that Micheal Brown struggled with the Cop, Darren Wilson for his weapon. She reported that Wilson told her this soon after the shooting of Brown. Witnesses to the killing gave a vastly different account of the events.

♦What are the chances Wilson called a  female civilian friend to detail his account of events a little while after killing Brown?

♦ Who believes Michael Brown reached into a Police car to get the gun of Darren Wilson, which for all intents and purposes should have been in his holster, while he sat in the car?

The Media is complicit in the spread of this, they pickup this misinformation and loop it until it is woven into the narrative. It is looped until  the lie becomes the narrative. The Cop ultimately walk free until the next killing and we go through the cycle again.

The latest attempt to justify killing Micheal Brown fell flat on it’s face in my estimation.  It shows that the Police is outright lying to cover up what is an illegal killing. A cop cannot just kill someone because he feels like it, particularly if the person is unarmed. We do not know what precipitated the killing of Brown. What we do know is that the attitudes of Police when they deal with people of color is different than the way they deal with whites.

CNN this morning looked at the cop who gunned down Michael Brown, one of the questions asked of the cops friends was “whether he had ever expressed racial animus toward people of color”.Sure his white friends are going to tell you how racists he is. (sic.

The truth is that this cop Darren Wilson may not be a racist cop. He may be a great guy. He may even have black friends. Yet the historical perceptions of blacks in America by white authority may have influenced his decisions to use lethal force where non was warranted. That in and of itself shows just how deeply ingrained racial differences are ingrained in this country.

Rabid detractors who support whatever wrong Police do ,will have you believe people of color do not want law enforcement to do it’s job. That is baloney . What people want is equitable and fair enforcement of laws and equal dispensation of justice across all racial lines. From grade school through adulthood, black Americans are disproportionately penalized by the system. that bears mentioning, that needs fixing.

What compounds the issue of police abuse is the inability of blacks to recognize how easily the power structure divides and conquer them by using buzz terms. The buzz term being used to delegitimize the excess of police is “outside agitators“. The so-called black leadership has totally fallen for it . The power structure does not want people  from across the country coming together in pushing back against Police thuggery. I becomes imperative then that they demonize anyone who enters Ferguson in support of the struggle. They are labeled outside agitators.

Journalist are not immune from abuse, several have been arrested for merely doing their job. Clearly the problems of the 60’s, at least as far as police are concerned, are far from over.

When Martin Luther King went to Memphis Tennessee in support of striking sanitation workers he was labeled an outside

Governor Jay Nixon with captain Ron Johnson

Governor Jay Nixon with captain Ron Johnson

agitator. When the freedom riders entered the South in a show of defiance against segregation they were labeled outside agitators. This term “outside agitators” is not new ,it has been used effectively to neutralize blacks from coming together . We all know how King and some freedom riders and countless other ended up, under the guise they were outside agitators.

The question we must ask is this, “Were Michael Brown a white 18-year-old would he have died” 

I believe it is safe to assume the answer is no. Therein lies the problem. It is an insult to put a black cop in charge of a festering problem while the same people pull the strings from behind. Does anyone believe State Police Captain Ron Johnson is in charge?

The answer is also no . What the Governor of Missouri have done is put a black face on a dangerously festering problem . The Governor like everyone else, knows that the world is watching. It does not look good for the world to see the white power structure once again beating down and abusing its minority population.

The difference this time, thanks to social media and blogs, people do not have to wait to be spoon-fed by the very media owned by the Oligarchs.