Spurred on by what seem to be a new level of depravity in the criminal underworld , Prime Minister Bruce Golding suggested that hanging be resumed in Jamaica. The Prime Minister was reacting to the spate of decapitation that occurred within a short period of time.  At least two of the victims seemed to have been  just ordinary Jamaicans whose only transgressions were that they spoke to members of the media. The PM whilst making the suggestion alluded to the debate that was sure to follow, I took the liberty to suggest to him in these blogs that there would be howls of condemnation from the regular quarters, rather than a debate.

It is now clear to reasonable people, that irrespective of the crimes being committed ,there are certain elements in Jamaica that will not be comfortable with any form of punishment for those crimes. I did use the word “punishment” , criminals should be punished . I am more than a little pissed at those who liberally argue that whatever course of action society take regarding criminals, should solely be reformative  and of rehabilitation. There must be within  those frameworks an element of punishment. We should not be in the business of rewarding criminals, reform is reward clothed in a fancy package.

The Prime Minister must now decide  by his actions , critics be dammed , whether his comments were just a knee jerk response to the incidents, or he is prepared to use his high office to ensure that Jamaica’s laws are upheld. any inaction on this subject  must now be seen as a continued capitulation to Carolyn Gomes and Amnesty International, an individual and a foreign body ,over the clear and unequivocal wishes of the vast  majority of  Jamaica’s 2.8 million people.

The majority rules in a democracy, we purport to have a democracy , if that be the case the views of the majority should be respected and adhered to, this is not about something that is yet to legislated. This is an issue of carrying out the dictates of settled law,not capitulating to minority views or foreign Agencies . Agencies that have absolutely no power in dictating how laws gets enforced within their own country.

Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean Islands all, have been occupied , and raped by European powers ,within the Caribbean, our African people who forms the vast majority of the inhabitants, have ben forced to speak English, French, Dutch,Spanish and even Portugee’s, none of our people were allowed to continue with our mother tongues from Africa. Once the occupiers were done with their pillaging and domination they  were all too  happy to cut the apron strings setting us adrift ,as was the case with Jamaica’s supposed Independence from England.

There are some in Jamaica that engage in revisionist history, perpetuating the myth that Jamaica had achieved a real coup in gaining Independence from England. The truth is,Jamaica was going to be let go whether we wanted to go or not . England was by then a shell of its former Colonial glory and was in no position to be patron to an inconsequential Island that was not bringing nothing into the Royal coffers.

My point is, as a result of the foregone, Jamaica must embrace its own identity, forge ahead under a new charter which must include constitutional reform , we are either an independent nation or we are not .

There can be no pledge of allegiance to our sovereign lady the queen.

I call on the Prime Minister to enforce the laws and let the chips fall where they may , critics be dammed. On this issue the majority is with you.