Was Independence Worth It.? Part 1:

Jamaicans, whether we reside at home or abroad, take a keen interest in the happenings at home, we want to know see Jamaica doing well .
Wherever we are to be found we live like Jamaicans ,eat Jamaican, and  socialize as we did back home.
I have lived away from home for a while,and still our pantry is stocked with Jamaican food, my wife and I would have it no other way.
I do feel a sense of guilt every time I visit this subject knowing as I do the struggles the Jamaican people face on a daily basis, growing up the poorest of the poor I am particularly  sensitive to the travails of the people, in their daily struggle  just to make ends meet .The guilt I feel is not one of wrong  doing , it is a guilt  a conscientious human being should feel knowing that people do not have enough to eat and children are going to bed without the most basic necessities of life, food, and clean drinking water!!

In a matter of months Jamaica will celebrate 50 years as an independent Nation, The question that ought to be paramount in our minds must be “what have we accomplished as an Independent Nation”? .

This will form part of a series of blogs I will write ,and one in which I will be asking you to participate  from today henceforth.

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