download (10)Yesterday I wrote that the JCF has discarded name brand cops. Some of my friends construe that to be a Clarion-call for a return to the old days, They interpret my assessment of the force of two decades ago and the existing Constabulary of today, as a ringing endorsement for unintelligent cops. I will try to set the record straight, using some facts and data supplied by the Constabulary itself.

I am not going for disbandment of the Force as Reneto Adams did, maybe Adams knows something I don’t, why he calls for the disbandment of the department. After all he served for 41 years, I did a mere 10 years, 9 1/2 to be exact. I am not asking that the department be disbanded, it would be selfish to do so, it is an impractical solution which is not guaranteed to produce a better or different result. As I have asked before, where would we source these people of impeccable character to staff this new department?

The Constabulary the country has, is the constabulary the country will have to work, with and improve! I must ask though where is it written that the rule of law should take a back seat, or step back when criminals become more aggression? Where is it written that merely being able to present data better makes a better police force ?

One of the things the JCF has done is to fast track some recruits to the higher ranks.[note I did not say senior ranks] Seniority is not something you get from a college or University, it is earned. Now here is the disconnect between my friends and I . Even though I understand the need for more intelligent officers, and God knows over the years senior cops have embarrassed us, there also needs to be a love and desire for the job by those who serve.

Over the years Jamaica’s Elitists have made the argument that the Police Force was populated with fools who could not get any other job. We don’t hear a peep out of those elitists, now that they have their plants at the top and throughout the department. These plants are not just elitists, they are party hacks, they are unable to provide results, they are not cops, and they will never be cops.

Those of us who served want an intelligent , successful, police department we can be proud of. It is important that we are able to say we were once a part of that. Unfortunately it is impossible, despite the rhetoric from some, for anyone to make that statement without having tongue in cheek. Police officers are committing more crimes than ever before, robberies, rapes, murder for hire, larceny, tampering with witnesses, graft , and every type of corruption imaginable.

As I have stated time and again the JCF which I love and which some of my dearest friends and family are still a part of , are only clearing up 30% of crimes. Those numbers are  questionable , how those clear-ups are done are open to interpretation.  Detectives reading this knows what I am talking about. Only about 7% of murderers are being arrested or held to account. Again those numbers are questionable. The conviction rate is even more dismal, and when they do secure a conviction in the country’s liberal courts , they are sometimes overturned on appeals.

In other words, the JCF despite the hype as a company or a corporation is a dismal failure. There are tremendous forces which impact those realities, yet the hierarchy, should be able to deliver more to the Jamaican people, their real bosses.

2 thoughts on “Was The Police Force Of The Past Better?

  1. The police force is like a guardsman security company. Criminals are not afraid of the police as they have politicians and lobby groups pressuring the police, by using the government to pass laws to make the force irrelevant. Maybe, it is a part of the Commissioner of Police, Mr . Owen Ellington plan to get more contracts for his security company. When we left the JCF it was the best thing we’d ever done for our lives and family. Jamaica is a criminal’s paradise.

    1. Sir you have hit the nail on the head when i was serving i take pride in clearing up cases and preventing crimes any where i works i was the only don

      Ellington is office police i have more commendation than his service ,the older police left because the big head and foot police did not stand up for us can you imagine shimpy clark get OD i am pissed if you play cricket you was promoted but if you work hard like we did no one cares we need a new police force

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