“Come back and Invest in JAMAICA.”
That is the cry we hear repeatedly, almost daily.
Yet what has Jamaica done for its part? Is it supposed to be a one-way street, or is there a fee that Jamaicans in the diaspora owe to Jamaica for having left the Island?
An old Jamaica proverb, “one hand cannot clap.”
Jamaicans living in the Diaspora invest in Jamaica each and every day in a litany of different ways.
I own and operate a small business in New York State and daily I see people come in to send Digicel and Flow credits back home to their loved ones. Usually at great sacrifice to themselves and their families
I also see them send much money back during the years through Jamaica National when I operated as an agent for that company. They send money back through Western Union and Money Gram and others.
They send back barrels and boxes and container loads of goods in support of their friends and family back home.
If we eliminate from this equation the criminals who send back guns ammunition and other contraband, we cannot but agree that this is highly commendable.

Many of these Institutions thrive because of the diaspora’s money

Jamaicans send back hundreds of millions each year into savings accounts maintained in Banks and Credit Unions and other financial Institutions. Jamaicans send back all kinds of support to individuals and organizations as well.
I too have letters in my office thanking me for the small help I could personally give.
Jamaicans have returned and built homes, they purchase property and start businesses.
For those people, Jamaica has failed them, lawyers rip them off, they are robbed and even murdered.
What has Jamaica done in bringing criminals under control?
They stopped hanging the scumbags, then they refuse to let the police go after them, and on the rare occasion one of the pieces of garage gets convicted in the liberal criminal colluding court system the appellate courts get paid off to release them on concocted technicalities.

Supreme Court building , King street Kingston

Ask yourselves, why is there such a high attrition rate in the police department?
Ask yourselves, why the ones who stay do the bare minimum?
They know that the system is a fraudulent system which does nothing to stop criminals but sits with its hands out begging and asking people who work their asses off in hostile environments to keep giving more.
Well guess what people are beginning to wise up, they have one life and they are careful how they handle that one life.

Marching for peace as this one in August town, is an acknowledgment that we are at war and a sign of surrender to the criminals who hold the state to ransom.(file photo)

We may disagree with how some of us speak on this issue for sure. We all know that in our little Jamaica patriotism is reduced to anyone who never left the Island, or worse case anyone who left but returned to live.
Nowadays those who have given the least in service to nation building have the most talk about patriotism.
Patriotism is reduced to those who chat the most and the loudest on social media.
Many Jamaicans living abroad would like to return to their home to spend the rest of their lives in peace, maybe provide some employment to one or more people.
What they tell me is that they would rather stay put where they are despite the less than ideal weather sometimes and of course the toxic Racism which permeates the air you can sometimes cut it with a knife.
All in all, they would rather remain where they are than end up back in their homeland dead in some bushes with their throats slashed.
Generally, because they just happened to own a little house and have a couple of dollars with which to purchase food.

Both political parties, in conjunction with the dumb pretentious class(those with the most formal education), have embarked on a path emanating out of pretense, which says we should not kill vicious murderers.
You really bright educated Elitists will quickly volunteer ‘Oh that was the decision of the British Privy Council to place a moratorium on capital punishment.
Guess what, save me the bullshit. Jamaica has had more than enough time to write a new Constitution, or amend the one we have and fully depart from the British skirt-tails. It has been well over half a century since they unceremoniously dumped us in 1962.
Oh, you thought we had won Independence?

Kingston Jamaica during the 1900’s

England could easily bear to declare an end to capital punishment. Their society is not flooded with violent murderers who wantonly gun down innocent men women and children simply because they can.
Their society isn’t flooded with high powered weapons. Their society isn’t even flooded with handguns.
In 2018 England and Wales thought they were having a major event in their country of 49.5 million they experienced a murder rate which crept over 130 for the year.
If England had 300 murders annually they would return to capital punishment.
We have well over 1600 annually with a population of 2.8 million and we have stupidly followed a developed society’s policy by not putting down vicious killers.
In addition to that, England continues to purge from its society, any person of color who may have committed an infraction, much less serious crimes, in its latest iteration of ethnic cleansing.

Parts of downtown Kingston Jamaica today

How did we become such stupid people?
How could a people who rose up and took over the reins of education after 1962 and did such a damn good job of it suddenly lose focus in the ’70s and have now become the laughing stock of the CARICOM region and one of the most violent places on planet Earth?
There was a reason we were progressing before we changed course in 1972.
Criminals knew where they stood and we were building Schools and Hospitals at a record pace.
Our economy was flourishing through Bauxite, Agriculture, Tourism and new Investments as a result of high Investor confidence fueled by our then rather low crime rate.
Most importantly Hugh Lawson Shearer was Prime Minister and Criminals knew that they had no sanctuary.