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IT appears that Rank and File cops in Jamaica are finally coming to their senses, at least some of them are. The Jamaica Gleaner Reported yesterday that Rank and File Cops have decided they will not engage criminals unless criminals engage them personally.

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On these pages we have long suggested that good Jamaican Cops who are not engaged in criminal activities should stand-down, wherever possible.  In Interviews with the Gleaner, Officers have voiced their disgust with the far left leaning Jamaican Constitutional Court’s decision giving power-hungry Terrence Williams and (INDECOM) power to arrest cops who have been accused of impropriety. Jamaica has a Director Of Public  Prosecution, the Director’s office is quite capable of handling the Nation’s criminal cases. If there are inadequacies, then Government should allocate the necessary funds which will ensure the effective dispensation of Justice through that office.

Some were unmoved in their conviction that INDECOM is affiliated to JFJ, which they believe is anti-police, even more so after Commissioner Terrence Williams shared the head table at a JFJ press conference.

The gunmen are not attacking our homes. The only time we engage them is to solve crimes and get weapons off the street. Why should I bother? “Unless I am attacked at home, or the police station is attacked, I have no intention of engaging any gunman. Tell INDECOM fi guh look fi dem,” he declared.http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20130825/lead/lead5.html#.UhoWQbhLOUg.facebook

It is the best strategy that Jamaican Police Officers have in a country such as ours. There should be no place in the Department for rogue cops. However ,dammit , I am tired of attaching these caveats, when I write or talk about Jamaican cops. The strategy to dis-engage is the best of a slew of bad options available to them. In many Western Nations, matters such as these may reasonably be left to the Courts. There are no sane reasonable civic minded Organizations or agencies in Jamaica which understands the importance of strong law-enforcement. We haven’t seen any. That indictment includes Government and the Judiciary.

Many of the Island Judges were educated at the UWI , a  hot-bed of liberal and socialist ideology. Even now some of the people in top spots in the department are plants from that Institution who cannot get any other job so they take up residence in the department. Officers cannot look to the Courts for rational rulings which protects all Jamaicans. So it is up to them to protect themselves. I applaud them on this decision. I hope this will be a sustained strategy of dis-engagement where possible and not just a flash-in-the-pan emotional response to what has been a well coordinated and sustained attack by the Criminal Rights Lobby Jamaicans for Justice, using Williams and INDECOM in the process.

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Terrence Williams: Indecom Commissioner.

Terrence Williams is a plant and a stooge of JFJ. He heads a neophyte Agency he himself is a neophyte Investigator. Williams has done immense harm to the Agency he heads, there was no need for distrust or enmity between the JCF and INDECOM. Goods cops have never objected to having oversight, In fact many cops tell me they welcome the scrutiny because they have nothing to hide. Williams’ decision to join forces with well know criminal supporting , anti-police group JFJ was a clear sign that he was not an independent party, but one with an Agenda to persecute

May Cops have been financially ruined throughout the years, their careers left in tatters after being charged criminally. In many of these cases there was no evidence of wrong doing. In many cases the DPP proceeded on spurious allegations, unsubstantiated by corroborative evidence. Simply put , the DPP is empowered to file charges with no evidence,so public outcry may be quelled. Most times public outcry is as a result of paid demonstrators who claim to have seen impropriety.

I will not re-hash all the points I have raised on this subject, interested parties may go to the archives on this site and verify for themselves the factual records there. I applaud officers who have decided to take this approach,I have long advocated it, bravo!!!

2 thoughts on “We Applaud We Won’t Engage!!

  1. I am happy the police are seeing the light. The only victor from the court ruling are Indecom and the criminals; if I was a criminal minded man I would certainly look to Jamaica to invest my money in the criminal community. Jamaica is a criminal’s paradise!

    1. Chris I have spoken to many Cops, everyone say they do not mind over-sight, or as they say (pressure groups), what they are opposed to is having to re-litigate every shooting, no matter how justified. Having those who do not even understand shit about the dynamics of what it takes , making decisions and passing Judgement. Lets be clear cops make quick decisions, life and death decisions. No one wants killer cops. However Cops must have some latitude to do their jobs.

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