The Kern Spencer criminal trail continues in the Kingston Resident Magistrate Court yesterday . Spencer a former Junior Minister in the Energy Ministry was charged jointly with his former executive assistant Coleen Wright almost five years ago with fraud and money laundering. The case has seen many twists and turns, motions and counter motions specifics of which we have brought to your attention. Yesterday 55 year old Justice of the Peace Everol Orr testified that Spencer gave him checks totaling  4.5 million Jamaican dollars to conduct a monetary transaction  at the Santa Cruz branch of the Jamaica National Building Society. He was instructed to purchase a Money Order in the sum of US$60.000. Orr told the court the money was not intended to purchase goods or services at his St Elizabeth Wholesale establishment.http://jamaica-gleaner.com/latest/article.php?id=49980.

This case has gone on long enough . It has survived a motion by the Presiding Magistrate Judith Pusey ,which would have literally gutted the Prosecution’s case, had the motion being upheld, (see chatt-a-box archives). As we approach the Yuletide season I reflect on what 4.5 million dollars may purchase to aid the poor. I am vehemently opposed to handouts, I am equally opposed to dependency. All my life  I have worked hard for what I wanted. Yet I believe that Government has a moral obligation to those among us who are very young and very old. Our Nation is in serious crisis , Jamaicans yet unborn are seriously indebted to international lenders for money they never benefited from, and there are no infrastructure to show for it .

Last week I donated a single computer from my business to my old Primary School, the Bonnet Primary School in North East Saint Catherine. I mentioned it not because I want to be recognized for that simple act, I do so because the school did not have a single computer. Essentially it remained the way it was when I was in Elementary School. I was happy to do so, and pledged to continue to use my company to aid the school going forward. I encourage you all to do what you can to help. Just prior to the last hurricane hitting our country , one elderly woman was interviewed and she told the media all she was able to purchase was a lighter and a single stick of Candle. Tears welled up in my eyes, she was unable to afford the most basic of necessities, clean drinking  water and some canned foods. We are better that that, I never met her yet I cried when I read her story. As the most junior Politicians fatten themselves from the public coffers, the most vulnerable of our people go without the most basis life sustaining necessities.

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  1. Don’t be surprised though if under this administration, he is set free. People are working and cannot buy food to eat, because their is no new wage increase. Yet politicians whether junior or senior who still have the money borrowed from other country in their bank account are smiling and living large. the prime minister who is above the law do not see it as an obligation to even talk to her people. People need to be voting on policies and stop voting to full their individual belly for a day or two. Criminals can tell me how long they have not worked for under one party or the other as their salary from their M.P is sure, along with protective services they have gunmen body guarding them for a salary and these criminals are not lying they are now old and just keeping the peace in their community.

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