It seem we have been lulled into a state of paralysis, I don’t purport to know or understand the reason for this, the world as we knew it has been turned upside down yet we seem to simply shrug and move on.

There are mass killings in our schools, the people elected to make decisions on our behalf ,make decisions which suit their corporate sponsors, we move on.

An American citizen revealed that the Government is secretly reading our email and listening to our phone conversations. He argues if the government is to do those things, the public ought to say it is comfortable with it,that’s all. Before the people can decide whether it wants the government to continue with those invasive practices, the media tells us the whistle-blower is a guy who never finished high school, that he broke both his legs in a military training exercise, he had no college degree, he is a low-level employee of an employee of the Government.

So he is depicted as traitor before you had the chance to decide whether he is, friend or foe, the media took the government’s side, no need for a free press anymore! After the media finished painting the picture they want you to see , you are bound to come away believing the 29-year-old is a traitor who deserve to be shot in the public square. That absolves the Government from explaining to the American people why it is doing the things it is doing and doing them in secret.

Never mind that those in the Government, Republicans and Democrats ,will spend the next several months telling you how bad this whistle-blower is, why not? they are the ones who are benefiting from the information farmed from phone and internet companies, and it’s all for your protection right?….. Right.

The government surveillance system feeds on itself it gets bigger as it convinces you the people to give more of your rights and freedoms . As it takes more of your rights and freedoms, you give it because you want to be kept safe. The problem is, as you unwittingly shrug and give it ,you have not stopped to think how the  government uses those rights and powers you unwittingly handed over, in your quest for an unattainable Utopian sense of security.

Not all elected officials are inebriated lambs to the slaughter, Vice President Joe Biden disagrees with whole-sale farming of Americans most private information, others like Senators Bernie Saunders, Ron Widen and Congress-man Keith Ellison are not so sure they want to trust President Obama when he basically said trust us we got this.

It is shocking that the American people are so disconnected from this monstrosity of a police state, which has been authorized in the Patriot Act. Never mind that many Senators have confessed that they didn’t even bother to read the bill before they voted “yay”.

Obama for his part, criticized President Bush harshly for what he saw then as a blatant over-reach and a dramatic infringement on the rights of Americans, speaking of the said Patriot Act. Yet he has doubled down on fundamentals of the Act, in fact Obama and his Justice Department has prosecuted more whistle-blowers than all the other Administrations combined.

The problem with the affair is that the congress which is supposed to offer oversight and to a large extent about half of the country could not care less whether the government takes onto itself such sweeping powers over their lives.

One Democratic law-maker characterized the government’s intrusion as necessary, likening it to looking for the needle in a haystack. He argued that in  order to get the needle they need the haystack! I wonder if we leave the haystack out what remains? Wouldn’t that be the needle?

I stand to be corrected but I challenge the American people to find an instance when total Government control over it’s people have ever had a positive effect for the people anywhere in history.