We Are Not Acting Irresponsibly Says PNP.?

The Ruling Jamaica Labor party Administration has accused the Opposition People’s National Party of being irresponsible in its demand for transparency  in the arrangements surrounding the International Monetary  Fund and the Jamaica Developement Infrastructure Programme.

Here’s the report from the Jamaica Observer:

THE Opposition People’s National Party is maintaining that it is not acting ‘irresponsibly’ in its quest to get answers from the Government on the state of its arrangement with the International Monetary Fund and the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme.

Responding to claims by Finance Minister Audley Shaw that the party had employed a ‘win-at-all-cost’ approach and was trying to “cause investors to lose confidence in Jamaica”, the PNP said it would not be deterred in pressing for “truthful answers”.

“The questions, which have been posed by members of the Opposition, are valid and deserve direct, straightforward responses, unless there is a deliberate plan by the administration to conceal the facts from the public,” party chairman Robert Pickersgill said in a statement yesterday.

“We will continue to press for truthful answers to our questions so that the country can have the facts laid bare for all to see. Only then will it be possible for the various stakeholders to engage in an informed debate on these vital issues,” Pickersgill added.Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/We-are-not-acting-irree

I am of the belief that this is a red herring by Minister Shaw and the Administration , the PNP which is in opposition has every right to the information it is demanding on behalf of the Jamaican people. What I find disconcerting is that there would be any attempt at obfuscation and deceit in these projects, .

I am puzzled as to how any major project could be undertaken in the country that is not open information to the opposition and the public. The Government is not a monarchy and cannot rule by decree, in a democracy a government rule by consent. It is about time that our country have appropriate laws that makes these issues go away, before expenditures are undertaken the house must vote on such expenditures, in effect all aspects of that expenditure must be available to all decision makers .

News flash to Shaw , Investors had  long  lost confidence in Jamaica as a legitimate  or proper climate in which to do bussiness.

Run-away crime.Run-away Inflation.Run-away security costs.Run-away energy cost.Run-away beaurecracy.Run-away corruption.Run-away regulations.Run-away Governmental bungling.Run-away worker in discipline.Run-away union involvment and power. Yes Minister Shaw Serious Investors had long written off Jamaica as a place to do business, just look around , all the companies have left. Minister Shaw in his criticism of the Opposition on this issue, whether true or not , has opened himself and the Administration up to claims they have something to hide>There are numerous instances of irresponsible behaviour by the PNP .Finsac, Cuban light bulb scandal, not voting to extend the state of emergency, not voting to allow  the Police to hold criminal suspects for longer periods without charge , the list is long and unbelievable  from an entity purporting to want to lead, there is much I am ashamed of  for that party , even though I support neither party.This is not one of them.

mike beckles: