1394741170E_VEHICLEThe Independent commission of Investigations (INDECOM)was created to investigate civilian complaints against members of Jamaica’s security forces. The Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations, (INDECOM) Terrence Williams says he has asked the Minister of National Security to review a submission on the use of gear covering the faces of security personnel while on operations. The Independent Commission of Investigations is to undertake investigations concerning actions by members of the Security Forces and other agents ofthe State that result in death or injury to persons or the abuse ofthe rights of persons; and for connected matters. The Independent Commission of Investigations Act, repealed the Police Public Complaints Act on April 15, 2010. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RMUzoLrj-uU Posted for your information as to what the role of this Agency is as well as the lack of support that is given to the rule of law in Jamaica.http://www.japarliament.gov.jm/attachments/341_The%20Independent%20Commission%20of%20Investigation%20Act,%202010,.pdf 5:02 am, Sun December 18, 2011 Commissioner Williams says he has written to the Police Commissioner, asking that he desists from permitting his officers wearing masks as it is illegal. Mr Williams says the JCF’s Book of Rules does not provide for the wearing of balaclava or ski masks covering the faces of officers He notes that the rules cannot simply be changed by the Commissioner, but by the Minister of National Security. Mr Williams pointed out that while he understands that there may be circumstances when an officer may need to wear a mask, t his need to be done under set policy. The Indecom head wants the Minister of National Security to examine the proposals presented and make recommendations re the wearing of masks.Mr Williams says he has given the Commissioner of Police 60 days to reply to several other recommendations made to assist the public in identifying security forces.”The identification number of police officers should be worn on ballistic helmets and all outer clothing including high visibility vests so the public can identify the police officers they are dealing with. We have given the Jamaica Defense Force sixty days to respond to our recommendations that where the JDF is involved in operations in support of the police so that the JDF soldier and Officer can be identified by the persons they are dealing with” said Mr Williams.

This is the Independent Commission of Investigations at the table with the adversarial JFJ , addressing their Press conference even as the commission is supposedly actively engaged in investigating  a case that involved fatal shooting by the police the previous day, and which he referenced.


We would like to know what it was that the commissioner of police Owen Ellington said to members that made them decided to halt their calls for Williams to step down.The three police groups had called for Commissioner Williams to step down, following his participation in a press conference hosted by criminal rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ).We in the diaspora want to know what did the commissioner say , did he threaten members with sanctions, what did he promise them, if anything? We live in countries where the rule of law rules, we do not advocate that police run rough-shod over citizens rights, but we certainly do not want to see reactionary forces spearheaded by Gomes and Goffe and Horace Levy to derail the rule of law and turn Jamaica over to criminal Dons or (cporner crews are whatever)as have been the case.