London based Amnesty International said there needs to be full transparency by the Jamaican Government on allegations of human rights violations by the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the reasons for the sudden departure of Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington.

Jamaica’s DAILY GLEANER reported Thursday July 24th that the watchdog group is demanding that the Government obey it’s international obligations .

Amnesty demands

*Any information related to allegations of human rights violations
*The outcome of international investigations into the actions of the JCF
*The nature of the human rights violations reported
*The identity of the international partners and the recommendations they have made. http://jamaica-gleaner.com/latest/article.php?id=54431


Entire family of 8 killed by Israel's bombs

Entire family of 8 killed by Israel’s bombs

Over 800 Palestinians have been slaughtered in Gaza by the Zionist state of Israel in recent fighting . Less than 50 Israeli’s have died in the conflict.

In response to the wide disparity in the body count between the two factions Ami Ayalon, the former head of Israel’s Shin Bet security agency said quote:

Bombed out Palestinian homes reduced to craters

Bombed out Palestinian homes reduced to craters


We do not measure ethics and morality by counting dead bodies. The fact that many more Palestinians than Israelis have died does not mean that our cause, or this war, is not just. Many more Germans than Americans died in World War II. Does that mean that Hitler was right and America was wrong?

There is that moral equivalence again. America did it so we can too. Israel has used that tact over and over in justifying its war crimes against the Palestinian people for decades. Whether it be WW11 or America’s response to the September 11th 2001 attacks, Israel has hitched its wagons to the moral equivalence train of America.

This tact is strategic for Israel, not just in using America’s military might to frighten it’s more powerful enemies, but in keeping in line, a Democratic American  President less than anxious to wage war.

Yesterday as I stood in the Departure lounge of a Florida Airport  I overheard on television that 39 Israelis have been killed since the start of renewed conflict between the two sides. I asked my wife whether she heard how many Palestinians were killed ? She shook her head no. An elderly woman standing close by chimed in “it’s a shame they only report on the Israeli’s as if the other side are not people too”! I looked at her and smiled, I guessed she saw that what she said encapsulated my thoughts resulting in the question to my wife. We both watched for a little while longer then sauntered off to catch our flights.

Oh by the way I have not heard anything from Amnesty International on this wanton slaughter, which involves mostly women children, and innocent families.


Staten Island resident Eric Garner was laid to rest yesterday . Garner was killed when NYPD Cops placed him in a banned choke hold as they tried to arrest him. The Police alleges Garner was selling un-taxed cigarettes. The father of 6 children died on the spot from all accounts. Neither the cops who placed him in the choke hold and cuffed him nor the EMT who arrived on scene did anything to help Garner.

EMT supposedly feeling for pulse . Garner was lying there un-moving for minutes even before they arrived

EMT supposedly feeling for pulse . Garner was lying there unmoving for minutes even before they arrived

The Video was shocking,  a female EMT personnel who arrived on scene felt Garner’s neck for a

Mourners getting ready to lay Eric Garner to rest

Mourners getting ready to lay Eric Garner to rest

pulse and nodded in the affirmative to one of the cops that Garner was still alive. This was clearly a lie .  Her  opinion was not supported by the video evidence. From all indication Eric Garner died as NYPD cops stood by and did nothing.

EMT  personnel clearly lied to cover for cops who knew Garner was dead on scene. Two EMT’s and two Paramedics have since been suspended without pay in connection with this incident. The techniques used to hoist mister Garner’s body onto a stretcher was clearly not in conjunction with their own guidelines. No Oxygen was given to mister Garner , even after they were told he said he couldn’t breathe. Why would they not give him Oxygen, could it be that they knew he was already dead? http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/funeral-today-eric-garner-article-1.1877381


The wanton killing and abuse of Black men continue unabated across America by Police.. Black women are not exempt from the viscous testosterone jack-booted assault, from what now passes for Police officers in America. In incident after incident Cops beat people of color mercilessly,  largely without consequence. On the International stage Israel kills Palestinians as a matter of course, unconcerned with the dictates of International law. On neither of these issues have we heard from Amnesty International.

In these Blogs we have consistently pointed out these inconsistency in the interest of justice. The Palestinian people do not depend on others to fight their battles , though out gunned and out maneuvered they continue the fight for their survival despite innumerable odds.

Amnesty International continue on it’s path to self imposed irrelevance. Well meaning people the world over  now recognizes that they are for selective Human Rights and certainly not about justice.

Despite Hundreds of years of slaughter , first by slavers, then slave owners , through Jim Crowe, chain gangs, the KKK and now Police, blacks continue to focus largely on entertainment. We have played into the narrative that if one wants to hide something from us all they have to do is place it in a book. Even those of us who come from other countries would rather pretend that things are fine in America, saving our venom for our cops back home.

Things are not fine, many young men of Jamaican parents have been abused and killed by Police in these United States. Yet many of us pretend that American cops are courteous responsible public servants.

All we are able to do is to continue to try to awaken your consciousness. The rest is up to you.




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  1. Thanks Mike for the insight ….. Indeed , Amnesty international is about selective human rights abuses and not justice . The U.S is guilty of some of the most atrocious human rights violations and hardly nothing or anything is said by Amnesty , their silence is deafening . But yet Jamaica’s is blazoned across the globe . We are then forced to jump to the tunes of our ‘ international partners ‘ or else those grants and loans will be a pipe dream. I blame our government for the position we are in , if our precious resources were not wasted , robbed and siphoned off we would not be in this sorry state ……

    • This is a strategy used by these Agencies which come under the cover of Human Rights. We have seen what JFJ has brought to Jamaica under the same guise. They are wolves in Sheep clothing. In Jamaica’s case it is deserved, too many are invested in things foreign.

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