We Will Never Forget !!!!

Amidst the noise and hoopla which will emanate this week in and around the Nation’s capital this weekend , let us people of color, conscientious people of African ancestry ,take a few moments to recognize the incredible sacrifice Martin Luther King made, and the high price he paid along with thousands of other unsung heroes.

Many people of color ignore momentous events like the installation of a new American President as insignificant to their lives.
This however is a mistake .
Thinking of these events in parochial terms lulls us into a false sense of ambivalence.


An American President’s policies have tremendously far reaching impact and consequences on everything across our planet ,
These policies not only determine war and peace, prosperity and poverty, but even more pressing  existential  issues as critical as the air we breathe and the water we drink.

We make a tragic mistake if we ignore the events happening in our world today.