Weasly Democrats/Disgusting Republicans

A major thrust of republicans under the presidency of President Barack Obama is to oppose everything he proposes, period!! It makes no difference that the president’s policies are for the good of the country , including the very same racist hypocrites who wear the republican label, the strategy is the same oppose, oppose, oppose. Not one republican is willing to step outside that narrative and be different, they act unilaterally as a caucus in  objection to the president of the United States.

Not so long ago I recall democrats lining up to sign on to controversial legislations that literally shreds the constitution hypocritical republicans swear to believe they believe in.  Legislations like the Patriot Act  literally takes away significant portions of the rights of Americans ,, yet it received support from democrats some of whom admitted they did not even bother to read the voluminous bill, a bill which stripped away the rights of the very people they represent.

Bush knew exactly what he was doing after the September 11th terror attacks, he made sure that the attacks were kept fresh in the minds of Americans as he systematically stripped away more and more of their rights,. No one bothered to remember the old adage ” never give up your rights for security as you will end up with neither”.

The point though is the solid wall of opposition to this president on the sole basis of race, exasperated by the shameful and the silent acquiescence of democrats who sit on their hands and asses as this president is pilloried from all quarters with lies, smear insults and racial caricatures.

It does seem that the economy is getting better, republicans are talking about social issues, wedge issues as they are refered to, gay rights, marriage equality, prayer in schools, contraception, this issues they like to talk about.  As I stated in recent blogs, republicans are now desperately searching for an issues  that will stick or have some resonance going into the general elections,there are scared stiff they are losing the economic argument.

Fleisher              Rove

It’s not unusual to see hacks like Ari Fleisher, and Karl Rove old hand from the Bush Administration on television disrespecting the president, and distorting his record. I am particularly offended by Fleisher a political who never saw anything wrong with anything Bush did, but now make a living as a contributor on MSNBC which he and others like him castigated as left-wing media, because people like Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow told the truth and set the record straight. I will refrain from assessing Rove he is simply not worth it, to relate to him is to elevate him.

Fleisher would be well reminded to remember his own lies in what is now common knowledge as it relates to the Valerie Plame outing by operatives within the Bush Administration. Had a democrat done what they did that administration would have been brought to its knees and all involved, would have been thrown  in prison.


But of course I digress, this morning the lily livered cowards that pass for democrats were out joining with republicans in pushing against the president against the recent directive given to catholic institutions to provide Contraception coverage in health insurance for women in their employ.

This is an issue which is about women’s health, of course Catholic bishops are contending that this forces them to pay for something which is against their teachings and conscience. Mark you this is not a directive to the church about something which happens in the church , it is about businesses operated by the catholic church. In essence the catholic church wants to be exempt from providing women in it’s employ who may not even be catholics from getting contraception in their health care package , a move which forces them to pay for something which they would be afforded by other employers.


Bob Casey
Joe Lieberman
Joe Manchin
Ben Nelson
Bill Nelson

Reps, John Larson, Dan Lipinsky, Gerry Connolly, and former governor Tim Kaine.

Bob Casey of PA , Joe Leiberman of CT, Joe Manchin WV , Ben Nelson NB, Bill Nelson FL. These are your US Senators whom have quickly joined with republicans and the catholic church to fight against women’s rights.

Even as these so-called democrats try to protect their sorry hides , republican senator Jim Demint of south Carolina had this to say at their c -pac gathering in Washington DC. Listen to Demint here, outside the :

JON MEACHAM: Senator, you’ve been in Washington now for 12 years. Actually more, sorry. Have things changed in a palpable, tactile way in terms of getting things done from when you came in?

DEMINT: Yeah, I think they are more polarized. And it’s a contrast I try to make in the book because we really no longer have a shared vision. I mean, I know from business that you have people coming from different directions, they can work together if they have shared goals and a shared vision. But now we have the tension between those who want centralized power, government control of education, health care, transportation, energy, and Republicans, who are I think finding their footing around their core principles of we need to devolve power out of Washington, we need to decentralize, because that’s what makes America work, is the bottom-up approach.

So saying to compromise now, and I use this analogy a lot, is just like a coach telling his team to go out and work with the other guys and cooperate with them. The Democrats are there to beat us. Every policy that they introduce is to centralize power. They are completely incapable of cutting spending because their constituency is based on dependency on government and those who want more from government.Msnbc.com/morningjoe

Here ladies and gentleman is the reason nothing gets done, these people do not represent your interest.