Interesting developments in Jamaica regarding three highly placed individuals , one a prominent politician,the other a high ranking member of the business community and of course not to be outdone a high ranking member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

I do not know the businessman, I’m  not surprised that a politician or police officer would be involved in something like this, I’m just surprised and disappointed  that   James Forbes would get tangled up in this sordid mess. First let me say I have no information on this matter other that  which is reported in the Jamaican media, at least not just yet. So I will have to base my analysis on what I have read in the reporting of those entities. Embroiled at the center of this trivial storm in a tea-cup are these three people who stupidly , through arrogance, good-hardheartedness, or loyalty to friends, have been caught up in the trade winds of change, when they ought to have recognized that change never comes without casualties and acted accordingly, or in this case not at all.

 Featured here are Member of Parliament Darrel Vaz, Senior Superintendent James Forbes and Businessman Bruce Bicknell: (courtesy Jamaica daily gleaner) 

The allegations in this case are that Police Sergeant Jubert Llewellyn who is a traffic cop, stopped a white SUV which was speeding , the car driven by businessman Bruce Bicknell was allegedly doing 80 km in a 50km zone. The allegations are that in the process of giving his documents Bicknell  gave two one thousand dollar bills to officer Llewellyn with his documents, the report went on to state that the officer asked  mister Bicknell if he was attempting to bribe him, upon which Bicknell offered the money to him, essentially to make the ticket go away.http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20120822/lead/lead1.html

In summation Bicknell was arrested, he calls his friend the Politician, who call his boy the senior police superintendent, to apply some subtle pressure to make it go away, surprise of surprises, the  officer stood his ground, The allegations gets more sordid, it is alleged that Vaz visited officer Llewellyn at his job and invited him to drop the case as a favor and that he would be taken care of, meaning more goodies would be coming his way. The sergeant allegedly told Vaz he will need time to think about it, feeling the pressure he went to someone he has confidence in , retired Commissioner of Police Lucius Thomas. Thomas allegedly told Llewellyn to think about his family , whatever that means, he also encouraged mediation, again what the hell does that mean, this is a matter for the courts , what mediation? There is no precedent for this advice in law , but I digress.

So of course a mediation was done in the office of James Forbes the Senior Superintendent, but that was not the end of the matter . Sergeant Llewellyn was told by his boss at a later date to submit a statement involving the whole affair to the office of  Assistant Commissioner  Felice head of the Anti-Corruption Branch, which he did, of course the Director of Public Prosecution has now ruled that all three men be charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The entire story may be accessed at the link provided above.

This is classic domino effect, for whatever reason mister Bicknell, feeling bothered by the process of having to submit to the authority of the Traffic Court, allegedly offered the officer a bribe, inherent in his mind when he allegedly offered the bribe, was the corruption within the (JCF ). He must have felt sufficiently confident that it would have been accepted, that he didn’t bother contemplating the consequences to himself ,in the event this officer was not a corrupt Cop.

His gamble did not pay off, so now he had to revert to calling higher authority, the politician.  Isn’t that the way it has worked in Jamaica forever> why would it not work this time? So the Politician gets involved. Vaz alleged that he sought the permission of the Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington to speak to officer Llewellyn, those were the words of Daryl Vaz.

If true why would the Commissioner of police grant permission of a politician to speak to an officer in a matter where there are criminal charges pending ? Furthermore where does the Commissioner of Police gets that authority to grant or deny permission of anyone to speak to another office?

So the mediation is set up, on the face of it, it seem abundantly clear that officer Llewellyn received injurious advise from Lucius Thomas, the mediation by itself is an abrogation of Jamaican Law. What was the purpose of the mediation? The mediation was constructed to make the charges go away !! this allegedly happened in the Office of James Forbes (SSP) . Forbes a carrear police officer who is not by anyone’s standard an idiot, displayed a glaring lack of common sense.

There are no allegations that he benefited financially or otherwise from this, at least not yet, so we are left to assume that he was just doing a favor for a friend, or worse someone who has him as a lap-dog, the politician Daryl Vaz.

I have written about these practices (ad naseum) in these blogs the chickens have now come home to roost.

The tragedy of this whole undertaking from the advice of Lucius Thomas (former commissioner of police) to the allegations of Ellington giving his blessings to speak to Sergeant Llewellyn, to the mediation allegedly which took place in the office of James Forbes, all of it was designed to do one thing , and one thing only, circumvent the law.

That is a fact, and all of the players knew it going in, yet they were prepared to keep going, because they were confident that at some stage of the proceedings the corrupting influence of money and other goodies coupled with good old top down pressure would win the day. Of course why would it not work? this is the way it has always worked? What neither of them contemplated, including Ellington if true, is the resolve of integrity.

Good job Jubert Llewellyn, we’ll be watching this one , we are still watching, waiting and wondering, what it will take for the Kern Spencer trial to be resolved?







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