Anti-gang legislation is bogged down in the Jamaican Parliament, stalled because criminal supporters in both political parties wants the Bill watered down and eventually scrapped by Jamaica’s criminal lobby Jamaicans for Justice (jfj). This is happening even as murder is on the increase in the country with over 58 people reported killed in a single week . On any given day the chance of getting killed is 1 in 44’000. Those are not long odds, in fact they are downright alarming. As I posted earlier since the beginning of this year over 1’160 have been reported murdered to police, that number does not mean those are the only people killed. As far as Jamaica goes there may very well be far more murdered and disposed of which authorities are unaware of. This brings that 1 in 44’000 number into sharper focus, and probably makes it closer to  1 in 43’000 or less.