Respect is something earned, you cannot demand it, you cannot buy it, you simply have to earn it. Long before Reneto De. Cardova Adams emerged on the scene and labelled the group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) a Criminal Rights group I was writing about them and calling them a criminal rights group. As a matter of fact when I was running the streets I never heard of Adams, I was shocked to hear of Adams after I had left the force at the ripe old age of 30 in 1991, there I told you all my age. I was never opposed to people standing up for the rights of others, as a matter of fact even as a cop I stood up for the rights of people , even against some of my colleagues, when they went too far. I would never betray a fellow officer, but I damn sure ensured that situations were defused before they got too far.

carolyn gomes

Jamaicans for Justice head Carolyn Gomes.

Anyway the Jamaica Constabulary Force has started to hit back at the criminal rights lobby (JFJ) .

In  a release the Constabulary had this to say to Gomes and the criminal rights group JFJ.  “While we are in no position to dictate to human rights groups how they carry out their tasks. It would be refreshing at a time when violence involving our youths especially those in school is most pronounced, if they would move away from their obvious mandate and use their influence to encourage these youngsters not to get involved in a life of crime and violence,” the police report said adding that investigations by the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) were welcome with the hope that the findings are made public.Read more:

The police were reacting to Gomes and the criminal supporting group who wasted no time making claims about threats on the lives of two criminals the police picked up interrogated and released.

The CCN said that the boys are brothers of the former leader of the Yallahs-based Trendsetter Gang, who was fatally shot by the Police in October last year.

It’s good to see the police pushing back against criminal supporter Carolyn Gomes. This lying charlatan has made a carrear out of lies distortions and deception, for our part we have been pushing back at  the lies exposing to the world who she really is. We applaud the police for finally fighting back against this enemy of the state.