Tonight in Long Island New York on the Campus of Hofstra University the world saw the second of three debates between the presidential candidates for the American presidency.

At stake was the direction the free world will take for the next 4 years, like all well thinking people who do not have their heads up their A** I was spitting mad at President Obama for what I thought was a lack-luster first debate performance in Denver Colorado. True to form as we have been taught there is no pain time cannot heal, as the days have progressed, I am still pissed at the president for his performance, but I am no longer mad at him because he did badly in terms of his tone.  I am mad at him because he allowed snake-oil salesman Mitt Romney to continue on the path of pathological mendacity. The polls have tightened markedly and significantly since that debate, many believe those people who broke for Romney were independents who were somehow convinced that all of a sudden Mitt Romney is a credible alternative to Barack Obama. I disagree with the conventional wisdom and the talking-heads. Those were white republicans looking to Romney to stand up to the black guy, put him in his place, bloody his nose, if you will. But I am curious to know this, why is this election close? There is never a mention by Republicans as to what caused the great Recession in the first place, one would think that it fell out of the sky! The fact of the matter is that it was trickle down economics. It never worked and it never will.


So again I ask why is this election close? Obama took over an economy that was hemorrhaging 4 hundred thousand jobs each month even before the president took office. No one fully understood the severity of the situation until Obama got into office and the full extent of the damage was assessed. Bush passed a stimulus plan before his second term expired , President Obama also requested money for a second stimulus, that was passed. Republicans had no choice but to support the second stimulus, they had just supported the previous one requested by Bush. Even as the second stimulus was being passed Republicans were betting and plotting against the presidency of Barack Obama.

Throughout the first term of Obama Tea Party affiliated Republicans in the House and Senate have used Obstructionist tactics to stymie and derail the President’s Agenda.In the Senate there have been record numbers of filibusters , requiring 60 votes on the most mundane Bills . This was a direct affront to the voters who had chosen this president and party to lead after 8 years of trickle down economics. An unfettered Wall Street Banking system that was without regulations. Record Government spending. Unfunded wars. America’s image in tatters. Torture and economic collapse.

The Republican party’s behavior has been as atrocious as Romney behavior, in continuing to run for president, even before the new president was even sworn into office. What Romney and his Republican cronies said by their actions, was that they did not respect the will of the American electorate. Since Obama took Office there has been a significant multi-pronged approach toward legitimization the new president. It took the form of Racial Caricatures, The birther movement, aimed at casting doubt on his right and legitimacy to be president. A unified front aimed at opposing everything the president proposes, even when they supported those ideas to begin with, even when the ideas come out of the Ultra Right Wing Heritage foundation. They have also used Voter suppression. The purging of voters lists. Voter intimidation,and other undemocratic tactics.


Objective people who support Obama either with vote, money, organizing , other methods, or all of the aforementioned, loved the Barack Obama who put the pathological liar, Mitt Romney in his place. Personally I would have liked for him to be even more aggressive with Romney, I personally would have physically pushed Romney out of my space, but then again that is among the reasons I am not President of the United States and he is. The sole black person allowed to ask the first black president a question said he voted for Obama , but wanted to know why the president deserved his vote this time around, great question , I thought.

This gave the President a chance to rattle off some of his achievements but more importantly, it gave him the opportunity to focus the electorate  on just how grave the economic situation was when he was given the reins. The president won hands down, as usual Romney was disgustingly abrasive and arrogant, talking over the moderator , but more importantly interrupting the President of the United States. The President , by then was in full stride, and he used Romney’s crassness to remind voters of the disrespect that has been meted out to him by many in the Rethuglican[sic] Party. Quote “Candy, I am used to being interrupted”. This was a thinly veiled reference to some of the more recent incidents of disrespect , when a local punk in the employ of a right wink website called the  Daily Caller, interrupted the President when he was still delivering comments in a Rose garden address. Of course the Country remembers well, the infamous and disgusting “you lie” intemperate outburst from Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, while the President was still delivering the State of the Union Address.

Mitt Romney steamrolled his opponents during the Republican Primary process, not just with money advantage, but by using the very same tactics, talking over them , interrupting them, offering $10,000 bets, challenging them to look at their retirement portfolios and a slew of other thug-like tactics, that may have  played well with the uninformed back-woods FOX crowd, but I doubt that ultimately that kind of boorish behavior will play positively with other people.

In the end President Obama clearly separated the man from the boy, not that there was any question in my mind that Mitt Romney was an opportunistic lightweight , who ran for Governor of Massachusetts for one term, solely to pad his Resume, because he wanted to run for president.  Mitt Romney and his family believes they have a right to the presidency. Remember his wife’s comments” It’s our turn now, it’s Mitt’s turn?.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UM_autAG8s. Mitt Romney is a very qualified Harvard educated corporate raiderhttp://www.thefreedictionary.com/corporate+raider. He was very successful at what he did, and it shows he made a lot of money , he should be very proud of that, if of course money is the barometer which determines success. Mitt Romney clearly does not have an understanding of the way ordinary people live and struggle to survive. On this issue his largest negative is his failure to understand that the blessings he inherited, which have continued into his life up to this point, are not the story of most people.  As a result he is very dismissive and unemphatic of people not in his financial class.

That to my mind is a dis-qualifier and on that basis Mitt Romney should not be elected President of the United States of America.